How To Get A Good Night’s sleep With A Snoring Partner

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Snoring is one of the worst things to experience as it can keep you up all night. If you’re lying in bed with a partner that snores, you can literally struggle to get a wink of sleep. It’s a serious problem, and the worst thing is it only affects you. Your partner has no idea what’s happening as they snooze the whole night away. They wake up refreshed while you’ve got two hours of sleep that you snuck in during some lucky quiet periods. 

What can you do about a snoring partner and how do you get a good night’s sleep? Thankfully, there are ways to sleep for longer and cope with the snoring…

Wear earplugs

You can buy earplugs online from just about anywhere these days. They’re super effective at blocking out sounds around you. So, wearing some will help you block out or dampen the sound of snoring right next to you in bed. It can be a literal lifesaver, letting you sleep without feeling like the world is vibrating around you. Of course, this also means you can’t hear anything else, which might be an issue if you have kids or pets. But, that’s why there are other options to look at!

Sleep in a separate room

It’s not ideal, but if you have a spare room it could be worth sleeping there when the snoring gets really bad. If they have a quiet night, you can stay in bed together. However, a good night’s sleep is worth a lot more than just sleeping next to your partner. It can feel lonely, yes, but your body will thank you if you can sleep through the night with no distractions. 

Make them sleep at an angle

Give your partner extra pillows to prop their head up when they go to bed. Sleeping at an angle can change all sorts of things in your throat or nasal passages, preventing snoring in a lot of people. If this works, it’s such an easy way to deal with snoring. All you need to do is buy some more pillows – there’s no need for earplugs or a separate room!

Treat their snoring

Ideally, this is what you should do if the snoring gets too unbearable. You might try all the above tactics and none of them works or suits you. In which case, treating the snoring is the best approach to take for long-term results. As it shows here:, you can get treatment for snoring from dentists. Essentially, they can take moulds from your partner’s mouth, creating a special mouthguard for them to wear. This sits in place and stops certain things from happening in your mouth that cause snoring. It’s great because the snorer is the one that gets treatment, rather than you bending over backwards to cover up the sounds of them snoring. 

Have you been struggling to sleep due to a noisy partner? This should be about to change forever! Learn how to deal with snoring and you will finally be able to sleep again. 

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