Ways To Start Your Morning Off Right

Ways To Start Your Morning Off Right

Being a mom, the early mornings and late nights seem to be the only times you’re able to find peace and quiet. For this reason, you should treat your mornings as your own personal “me time” and engage in the things you value most. For ways to start your morning off right and take advantage of the quiet time, check out the six essential actions we recommend you add to your morning routine.

Drink a Big Glass of Water

The best way to start your morning is by drinking a big glass of water. After so many hours of sleep, your body needs to rehydrate itself. Drinking a large glass will give you a head start on your recommended daily water consumption. It’s also a great way to wake up your entire body.

When deciding whether you’ll be drinking room temperature or cold water, go for the cold option. There are many advantages to drinking cold water, such as boosting your immune system and raising your brain’s alertness.

Do Some Stretching

Once you got that large cup of water flowing in your body, it’s time to give it a good stretch. Starting your mornings off with a good amount of stretching is an excellent way to wake up all your muscles and ligaments.

Consider your stretching time as your personal “me” time. Being a mom, there’s only so much peace and quiet you’re able to enjoy. So, take advantage of your quiet mornings by squeezing in a quick morning stretch session.

Avoid Technology

If your one of those people that reach for their phones first thing in the morning, it’s time to change old habits for good. To start your morning off right, avoid technology as long as you can.

You’ll find that doing this enhances your overall productivity. You’ll be able to avoid wasted time spent scrolling through different social media channels and instead direct that time and energy towards something more important.

Do Some Journaling

If you want to start your mornings full of positivity, consider buying a journal and make journaling a routine rather than a sporadic habit. You can do this by committing a few minutes every morning to draft a new journal entry. Doing this will allow you to begin your mornings feeling inspired and grateful.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

If your morning allows it, squeeze in some quality time for yoga or meditation. Starting your morning this way will increase your blood flow and get your oxygen levels up and flowing. By practicing yoga in the morning, you’re giving yourself plenty of energy to take on the rest of your day.

Conquer Your Day

The last way to start your morning off right is having the right mindset. Remind yourself what you’re capable of, how much you are loved, and what you’re most thankful for. Doing so will allow you to conquer your day with the best possible mindset.

You can start your morning off right with these six actions. Make them part of your regular routine rather than a random habitual practice and you’ll be sure to start everyday on the right foot.

6 thoughts on “Ways To Start Your Morning Off Right”

  1. Struggle Shuttle – Ohio – I am a survivor of the struggle of infertility and an advocate for open adoptions. I am now a mom to two, beautiful, little girls. I have struggled becoming a mom and I have struggled being a mom. But I have learned from those struggles and now I am here to help others so they, too, can start struggling in STYLE!

    Great tips! I miss my old morning routine before 2 kids lol. I definitely need to try to fit in some more “me” morning time!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I am actually drinking one cup of hot water every morning for digestion and do some exercises or stretching to help me to be more productive all day.

  3. Love all of these tips! I just started the habit of drinking a glass of water first that I wake up. It takes getting a lot to get used it but I agree with you that it helps us have a head start on our recommended water consumption.

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