What Happens If I Get Injured Abroad?

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Travelling is a fun, exciting time – a well-earned break from the stresses of everyday life. You are likely to try new things while travelling, such as eating new cuisines and braving new activities like snorkelling, diving, horseback riding, jet-skiing and other fun adventures!

With this new lease of life you get while travelling, comes an increased risk of injury. This isn’t to put you off trying new things – but instead, to encourage you to be prepared for instances of illness or injury abroad.

In this post we’ll explore what you should do if you get injured abroad, and how to prepare for these circumstances before you go away.

How To Buy Health Insurance Before Your Travels

Firstly, it’s crucial that you buy health insurance before you set off from your home country. Your health insurance at home will likely not cover illness and injury abroad, so if you get injured while you are away, you would need to pay out of pocket. This is not a favourable situation; you could be charged a high price, so having insurance is much better.

When you are buying travel insurance, you can include health care in your policy package. Ensure you are covered for any pre-existing conditions you have, and that your kids, if you have them, are covered too.

While You Are Abroad

Once you are travelling, if you become ill or get injured, you should visit a local doctor. When you arrive in the country you should save the local emergency number into your phone, in case you need to call for an ambulance at short notice. 

When you visit the doctor, you may need an interpreter present to translate your speech for the doctor. No matter the nature of your concerns, you should visit the doctor if you are at all worried – just like you would at home.

If you are seriously injured abroad…

This is a rare occurrence, but you could get seriously injured abroad, which might require you to go home earlier than you planned. Alternatively, your injury could prevent you from being able to fly, meaning you would need to source an extension of your accommodation in the country you are visiting until you can fly.

Most health insurance packages cover these expenses, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for these extenuating circumstances. 

If you are injured through negligence or crime

In the unlikely circumstance that you are injured through negligence of an institution or person, or you are injured as the result of a crime abroad, you need to act differently to how you would for a normal injury.

First, you should contact the local authorities in the country you are visiting. You should report the crime, and then if necessary, contact injury lawyers to represent you if you plan to press charges. 

Final Thoughts

Getting injured while you are on holiday is not ideal, but it can happen. Make sure you are prepared for injury or illness abroad by using our guide!

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