Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners

If you have never practiced yoga before, or if you are just starting out, the idea of yoga can be a little overwhelming. I often hear people tell me that they worry they aren’t flexible enough to do yoga, or they don’t have time for yoga. I’m here to tell you that you can do yoga. You don’t have to be able to bend like a pretzel to practice yoga. And you don’t have to spend hours a day practicing yoga. You just have to start.

Here are some tips for a beginner yogi:

  1. Props are your friend

    Yoga blocks are fantastic for people who aren’t quite flexible enough to get into some of the poses. If you don’t have yoga blocks you can use a larger book as a replacement. Pillows are fantastic for people who experience pains during certain poses. Sometimes you just need a little boost from a bolster or pillow to give you a little comfort. Yoga straps or ties are a fantastic way to get a little deeper into your stretches.

    I will follow up with a series of videos on using props for yoga poses.

  2. Start with gentle yoga classes and poses

    We all see the yoga superstars in their headstands and crazy twists and contortions. Don’t feel like you have to start there. Most of those people have been practicing for years or have no bones. Haha! Start with gentle yoga poses and gentle yoga classes.

  3. Meditation is a great start

    Did you know that meditation is actually yoga? Meditation is a key part of many yoga practices. If you start with just 5-10 minutes of meditation a day you will start to see a big difference in how you handle your day to day activities. You will have been mental clarity, stress relief and overall balance in your life. I want to encourage everyone to start a meditation practice.

  4. Practice yoga on an empty or light stomach

    Whatever you do, don’t eat a big meal before you practice yoga. You will have a harder time getting into the poses and focusing. I find it best to do my yoga practices right before I eat. Normally I do my poses before breakfast or lunch.

Are you interested in learning more about starting your yoga practice? I would be happy to help guide you along the way. I just need to know a little bit about you so that I can find some poses and practices that would best suit your needs. Feel free to fill out this short survey and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

31 thoughts on “Yoga For Beginners”

  1. Travel with Karla – Seoul, Korea – I'm a minimalist.

    This is very timely. I’m actually planning to start yoga every morning during my meditation time. Thanks for the useful tips!

  2. This is a great post for beginners – you definitely need to take it slow because you don’t realize what a great workout it is at first! I love yoga – I actually need to get up and do my yoga now but this green tea I am drinking is too good! ha!

  3. Image Earth Travel – Global – Global travel writer and photographer, capturing the globe with words and lens. Travelling by land, sea, and air to 60-plus countries across 6 continents, join me by reading about unique and independent travel adventures.

    Great tips!
    I started doing yoga seriously again about 18 months ago and haven’t looked back for back pain relief. I follow several only teachers and interchange for variety – it works!

  4. LuciWest – Maker of photos, videos, thoughts and occasional dance moves.

    This is a really inspiring post. I keep wanting to get back into yoga (and I always was just a beginner) – and exactly the things you describe keep holding me back: restrictions of time and confidence. With your words in mind, I’ll give it another try, slow and easy. Thank you.

  5. Neil Alvin Nicerio – I'm a travel blogger based in the Philippines. Join me as we explore the Philippines and the world!

    Oh nice. Thanks for sharing. At least now, I have an idea of what yoga is for beginners.

  6. I tried going to the gym and keeping myself physically healthy, but I cannot feel the peacefullnes after each workout session. I feel like its a chore. A lot of people reccomended yoga to me which I’m planning to start anytime soon.

  7. Vivienne – I'm a single mother. I love beauty products and fashion. I have a passion for creating, dancing, and writing. Thank you for reading and visiting Jolie Pagaille!

    I would love to see helpful video series on yoga in general! I look forward to see yours about yoga props. Also, when do you think would be a good time to meditate? I noticed some people do it during the morning or evening…

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    Marcus does yoga and meditates every day. He swears by it and is really in a foul mood when he doesn’t get to. I stretch and have started watching a few yoga shows on ETV to learn.

  9. Yoga is great and the tips that you wrote down here are great, it should help any beginner get into yoga, the hardest part is starting and continuing the regime all the way 😀 I am still in the I should start it group sadly xD

  10. Blogging Unplugged – Blogging Unplugged is an online resource where you can find beginner friendly and easy to understand tutorials for WordPress and Blogging

    This article came at a very good time. I was thinking if I should start doing yoga in the morning and now we have a clear decision. Thank You

  11. This is such a great article for me since I really would want to do yoga. I have always wanted to do yoga but I sometimes feel that I cannot do it. Thanks for this article, it’s very helpful.

  12. Style High Guy – Essex, UK – Essex UK | Style Blogger #Stylehigh is my personal style-guide blog on; Interior Design Style, Creative Style, Lifestyle Pinterest: Stylehighguy Instagram: Stylehighguy Twitter: Stylehighguy

    Really enjoyed this post. My friend has just qualified as a yoga trainer and it’s certainly something i’m considering dedicating some time to. The “props is your friend” post made me chuckle, just feel like i’d need a shed load of props haha

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    This is a lovely sharing, I love to practising yoga, am a beginner, enjoy my reading here & learnt some tips 😀 Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  14. CARMEN | Wellington World Travels – Wellington World Travels is a personal travel website of Han, Carmen, Charles & Cataleya. Follow our world travels, family adventures, photos, reviews and expat experience.

    I have never done yoga, but these are good things to keep in mind. I have been wanting to do yoga, I’ll be sure to remember them. Thanks

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