Yoga Holiday Shopping Guide

yoga holiday shopping guide

I think we all have a yogi or aspiring yoga in our lives to shop for. If you don’t have the first idea what to get for the yogi in your life this is just the shopping guide for you. Hook your yogi friend or family up with a gift they will love and use in their yoga practice.


    1. A good yoga mat

      Yoga mats tend to wear out overtime. Get the yogi in your life a good yoga mat that will last. We all hate when our yoga mats start to leave a trail everywhere we go!

    2. Yoga blocks

      Yoga blocks are a great way to get added stability and balance. Whether you need a little assistance in a pose or if you are looking to get a little deeper in a post. Yoga block will be a hook up for a yogi.

    3. Yoga wheel

      Yoga wheels are great for getting a deeper stretch, assisting with backbends and inverted postures and for core strength.

    4. Comfy yoga pants

      Comfortable yoga pants are essential. Especially yoga pants that stay put while you are going through your poses. Prana Leda pants are my favorite yoga pants I have ever owned.

    5. Yoga Decor

      Some nice yoga decor will help get you in the flow. Try to find something inspirational.

    6. Yoga mat bag

      Stop messing with your yoga mat coming unrolled. Get a cute yoga bag to help carry your mat.

    7. Fruit infuser water bottle

      Do you have a hard time drinking water? A fruit infuser water bottle might help with that. Add some flavor to your water!

    8. Flavored tea collection

      Yogis tend to love flavored teas. Get the yogi in your life a good tea collection.

    9. Cute Yogi Shirt

      Keep your yoga gear fun with some cute yogi shirts.

Who is the yogi in your life? What gift would they love to get?

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