symphony guide for parents
symphony guide for parents

Taking your kids to a symphony performance can either be a memory that they will always treasure or a boring experience that they will forget the next day. This symphony guide will show you how to take your kids to a symphony performance that will leave them inspired and eager to play music themselves. 

Find an age appropriate show

You know your child best and the type of music they like. If you have younger kids from preschool age to early elementary you might consider finding a concert that is just for kids. A lot of symphonies will put on special performances just for younger kids. These performances include shorter songs and often times performances that revolve around storytelling with visual aides. 

If you have an older child from late elementary school to high school you might consider going to an evening show with the adults. We recently took our 9 year old son and 13 year old daughter to see our local symphony perform Holst’s The Planets. I knew Mars and Jupiter would grab their attention, but I wasn’t sure how they would do through the slower and more quiet songs. I mentally prepared myself before the show for the possibility that they might get bored and want to leave. They were enthralled with the entire show. We stayed the whole time and they are now eager to see another symphony performance. Parenting win right there!

Set your expectations

Prepare yourself to have to leave early if they aren’t into the music. When you buy your tickets purchase seats that are close to the aisle just in case you need to make a quiet exit. Don’t be disappointed if they aren’t quite ready. 

Read the rules for the shows before buying the tickets

Some symphonies actually have age limits in place. Be sure to do your research to make sure you can bring your kids to the show. It would be a shame to spend money on tickets just to be turned away at the door. 

Free Shows for Kids

On the flip side of the above tip, a lot of symphonies offer free or discounted tickets for kids. Do some research on your local symphony. Our kids got free tickets to The Planets show and can go to any performance for free. 

Let your kids listen to music before the show

A great way to get your kids excited about a performance is to let them listen to some songs before the show. I got my son excited about seeing The Planets by telling him it was like Star Wars music only better and live. What 9 year old boy wouldn’t want to see and hear that?!

I’m so glad I took my kids to a symphony performance and they liked it. I hope you take your kids to the symphony and have a wonderful time. Let me know if this symphony guide helps you.

If you have taken your kids to the symphony tell me about it. What performance did you go to and how did the kids like it? Do you have any tips and tricks for future symphony goers?

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  1. OMG this sounds so awesome!! I love this kind of stuff! YAY

  2. What lovely tips. I had no idea about these but would love to take my kids.

  3. My kids are just two. I am on the lookout for a good show in town to take them to. They love music so I hope they enjoy it. Great tips, I’ll keep them in mind for when we go!

  4. My kids really enjoy playing their instruments, and my older daughter plays cello, so I’m sure we will be going to a symphony this year. I think it will be a great experience!

  5. I love that you’re encouraging readers to take kids to the symphony. I played the viola over 20 years and I love when I play for my son. He loves it.

  6. Wow! This is a nice experience. My daughter is musically inclined and I believe that she would love to see a symphony performance live. Hope we get to have an age appropriate show in my area soon.

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