Positive Change From a Lay Off

I want to take a moment to introduce you all to someone very special to me. This person is my dear friend and coach, Erin. I’m going to tell you all a short story about Erin and her amazing journey and bravery.  Erin

For the past 8.5 years Erin has been working at a corporate job. She has been working 40 hours a week doing a job that she has been miserable doing for the past 8.5 years. She has been going to work everyday, sitting in front of her computer, building someone else’s business and hoping that she gets to hang on to this job that she hates.

Erin recently found out that she has been laid off from the job that she hates so much. You would think that being told you are losing your job would be one of the scariest things a person could face, even if they hate the job. But not Erin!! She is facing this layoff with amazing bravery and optimism and I will tell you how she is able to do this.

Last year after completing a round of T25 one of Erin’s friends introduced her to the Beachbody coaching opportunity. Erin had already been showing off her amazing results from T25 so she figured she would go ahead and give Shakeology and coaching a try. Erin quickly found not only a money making opportunity, but she found a new family in the team she just joined. In just the year that Erin has been coaching she has been able to help enough of her friends and family get healthy, grow her team and most importantly gain the confidence that she needed to turn this lay off into a blessing. Erin is now going to be a FULL TIME Beachbody coach!! She has already been so successful in this business while working a full time job. I can’t even begin to imagine how much she is going to grow as a coach now that she can do this full time. Erin has no fear of her lay off because she has her income from Beachbody to keep her going and knows that the growth is infinite, unlike the lack of growth she had at her corporate job.

So instead off telling Erin how sorry I am that she has been laid off from her job I want to congratulate her! Cheers to new beginnings, Erin!!

If you would like to know more about the Beachbody coaching opportunity and how it can change your life not only physically, but financially and emotionally send me an email at cyndi@https://www.momelite.com or shoot me a friend request on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cyndi.buchanan. I would love to help you!

2 thoughts on “Positive Change From a Lay Off”

  1. I think that is great! It just shows how there is always one for opening when one closes!:)
    So proud of her!
    Stay Fierce Girl,
    Liz G.<3

  2. I got laid off almost three years ago due to medical problems. I took up blogging as a hobby. It has given me additional opportunities that I didn’t have when I first started. Congratulations Erinn. You can do it.

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