Naughty 40’s what a momentous occasion, something that definitely needs  to be celebrated.  Reflecting back on your life and just pondering on all the wonderful memories made by family, friends and  loved ones.  Most people see this as an occasion to have a big celebration with a big party;  if you are planning a big bang or perhaps something smaller with loved ones and a few close friends, you will need a few pointers.  So stay reading and receive a few that will assist you in creating and arranging the best 40th birthday party.

1) Decide on a theme – something outside the box:

Whether you are planning a big bash or something more intimate, setting a theme just gives it something special to remember your 40th bday by. A stylish Victorian Brunch, Mexican night with salsa, or what  about a Pirate night with seafood on a beach, creating one amazing bonfire? Make sure that whatever you decide on it’s something you really want and fits your personality.

2) Organize the right food – treats for everyone:

It doesn’t matter what type of event you decide to host, food plays an important part in any celebration.  For a more Victorian brunch why not serve a quiche and fresh fruit platter, or go for something more exotic like sushi and a true English buffet? For the Mexican night, serve typical dishes such as enchiladas, nachos, tcos, and sopapillas with guacamole.  If you decide on Pirate night, try  to stick to seafood recipes like ceviche, shrimp kebab, calamari, and make sure you know how to bake salmon in the oven.

3)  From cool cocktails – to warm, delicious drinks:

What is a celebration without champagne, especially serving the English buffet? You can start the party by serving mocktails on arrival to quench the thirst. No party is complete without them. For your 40th birthday, try to get drinks that stand out and celebrate the occasion.  For example, you can try making something special such as champagne cocktails, or create a signature drink by which people will remember you. The key here is that they are not tasty but also look amazing.

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4) Entertainment to take the night one notch up:

This is a topic that sometimes gets left behind, but it can make or break a celebration, so make sure your celebration will be remembered for a long time as having the best atmosphere with the best music and entertainment.  Since it’s about celebrating with family and friends, having an exciting contest like charades could be a highlight – make sure you have enough activities for everyone to enjoy themselves and feel entertained.

To end  this article, let’s just recap.  Decide on a theme, organize the right food, create cool cocktails and warm drinks, and finally, make sure there is enough entertainment for everyone to enjoy.  Try to be creative and think outside of the box, adding elements that will make your 40th birthday celebration stand out.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan everything and don’t forget – don’t stress and enjoy the process. Have fun with your decorations, and there are so many different options out there nowadays. Most importantly, remember to take pictures or videos of all the memories made on this special day.

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