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Good news: you don’t need to be a seasoned pro in the kitchen to throw a memorable dinner party. You can be a great host without stressing yourself out too much. But, less good news: it will still probably take a little prep work and some last-minute stress. The best thing to do as a host is not overthink it—have fun with your guests and be present! They’ll sense your ease and feel reassured that they can relax too.

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Here Are Some Tips You Can Use To Make Your Next Dinner Party Unforgettable:

Decide To Go For Mood Lighting 

Now Is not the time for overhead fluorescents when it comes to lighting. You want something that sets the mood and lets your guests relax and have fun. Candles are a great option, and you can place them all around the room or simply on the table itself. If you do decide to use candles, be sure you position your table so that it’s not in direct line of sight with where the sun is setting (and possibly shining into guests’ eyes), and try to avoid harsh lighting during dinner—as much as possible, anyway. 

If candles aren’t an option, there are several other ways to light your dining room. Lamps placed around the room work well: think warm tones with dimmer bulbs than usual. Long strings of fairy lights draped over exposed beams or along walls are another great way to get cozy ambient light while also giving yourself some decorating space at the same time!

Try To Provide A Clean And Welcoming House For Your Guests

While it might seem obvious, first impressions are still important. It’s the host’s job to set the scene and make sure that the guests feel welcome right away. 

A few straightforward ways to do this are:

  • To clean up. Tidy up both inside and outside your home, ensuring that everything is in order before it gets dark outside. Don’t forget to clean the bathroom! Lighting a candle or spraying some air freshener just before guests arrive is perfect.
  • To make sure your house smells nice. If you have time to cook something in advance, this will be an easy way to get the whole house smelling delicious without much effort! 
  • To clean your kitchen. As much as possible, wash any dishes you’ve used earlier in preparation for dinner (or breakfast), and make sure that no dirty pans need washing during dinner time.

Pick The Perfect Menu In Advance

Remember to match the menu to the occasion. If you’re hosting a dinner party, your menu should match the feel of the event. You also need to consider any allergies, dietary restrictions, or food preferences your guests might have and try to factor those in when planning your menu. 

Don’t be afraid to plan! The best way to host a successful dinner party is by making dishes ahead of time whenever possible and assembling them on-site before serving them. This way, you can focus on having fun instead of standing over a hot stove all night! A never-failing and straightforward meal to make is a creamy soup with a Garlic Confit; check out this delicious garlic confit recipe as an option.

Rearrange The Furniture For The Evening If You’re Inviting A Big Group

It will probably be necessary to rearrange your furniture if you’re having a group that is significantly larger than the size of your family. First of all, it’s time to rearrange the furniture to have more space for your guests. When setting up your dinner party or party-from-your-kitchen table, create more intimate spaces by moving big pieces of furniture aside and putting pillows and blankets down. This will lend itself to an informal atmosphere where people can chat or tell stories around the kitchen table you’ve set up in your living room just for this purpose.

For inspiration on how to arrange the furniture in your home, follow these simple rules:

  • Put an area rug under every piece of furniture (except if you’re hosting a brunch)
  • Make sure that there are at least 20 inches between each chair (double this distance if they are facing each other)
  • Try to keep one side of the room open but not too empty

In Closing

Remember you’re throwing a dinner party because you want to see your friends, not to present yourself as a perfect hostess. So, have fun! If you follow these four tips and tricks, the dinner party will be enjoyable but won’t interfere with your ability to relax and have a good time!

How To Host A Great Dinner Party

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