Ways To Help Your Child Manage Their Asthma

When your child receives an asthma diagnosis, start right away on a care plan that you both can handle. Follow their doctor’s instructions and remind them to do the same! These simple ways to help your child manage their asthma will relieve their symptoms and teach them the value of taking care of their health.

Banish Triggers

When you know what makes your kid’s asthma act up, you can help them avoid their triggers more easily. Launder their clothes more often and make sure their bedroom has adequate air circulation to keep dust and pollen particles at bay. Be strategic with family activities, too—a walk in the woods may not be the most pleasant for your asthmatic little one. Also, exercise caution if you plan on adopting a pet.

Administer Medicine

Your child’s pediatrician or asthma specialist will likely prescribe medication to control their attacks. There are a few different kinds of treatments on the market, with inhalers for fast-acting control and long-term relief. Keep their inhaler handy whenever you go out together. Also, make sure your kid’s school has a copy of their care plan and an emergency inhaler.

Prioritize Health

Asthma is a chronic medical condition that can impact your child’s immune system. Schedule a flu shot for them every year—they may not like needles, but a flu infection can be deadly. Asthmatic kids’ airways are more sensitive and prone to swelling, so viruses and infections can wreak havoc on them. Make their overall well-being a priority.

Radiate Positivity

Your child will likely have asthma for their entire life, but don’t let that get them down. Be a model for positivity and health—sure, they may have attacks sometimes, but they’ve got strategies in place to prevent them. Let them know that asthma can’t stop them from achieving any of their dreams. Singers like Billy Joel and athletes like David Beckham also live with asthma!

As you and your child make strategies to cope with their asthma, teach them the importance of looking after their own health. Encourage them to stay in tune with their body and sense when an attack is coming on. When you take the worry and fear out of the equation, managing asthma becomes an average chore just like tidying up their room. Practice these ways to help your child manage their asthma and as they grow up, they’ll be able to manage it more easily on their own.

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