Unhealthy Ways to Cope With Stress
Unhealthy Ways to Cope with Stress & Helpful Alternatives

It’s a weird time in the world, and it’s been lasting longer than we expected. Chances are, we may have fallen into some not-so-healthy ways to deal with the pandemic and being stuck inside. That said, it’s time to make smarter choices for our bodies and minds. Below, we’ve listed out some of the most common unhealthy ways to cope with stress that we turn to, pandemic or not. We will then list some healthy alternatives to get you on the path to healthy and mindful living—check it out!

Compulsive Spending

If you dealt with being stuck at home by online shopping all day every day, then it’s time to slow your orders. When you turn to material things to bring happiness, soothe anxieties, or simply pass the time, then you’re putting yourself in a bad space both financially and mentally. Your mind will crave true forms of coping rather than the surface-level cope of shopping—that’s why you may feel the need to shop every day.

Instead of spending, pick up a hobby that distracts your mind; that may mean gardening, painting, or cooking. Using your hands and your brain will keep you from picking up the phone or heading to the computer to shop.

Drinking in Excess

Many people turn to alcohol to alleviate stress, but this has consequences for both the short- and long-term. As an incredibly unhealthy way to cope with stress, heavy drinking can alter your brain’s chemistry, making new things (often unhealthy habits) seem normal, and it’s only when we receive treatment from a facility like Enterhealth that we can return to our old selves. Drinking can also shift hormonal balances within your brain and body, and this can not only lead to physical issues that require supplements for bloating to tackle, but also impact how our body perceives and reacts to stress. Simply put, when we drink to deal with stress, we’re reducing our chances of handling any sort of stress.

Instead of drinking, see if you can limit yourself to one drink per day. If you need to cut it off entirely, then start by understanding how alcohol affects your body. If you have a serious problem consider contacting a drug and alcohol rehab center for professional help. When you understand all that the booze is doing to you, you’ll be more inclined to partake in healthy distractions, like exercising or meditation.

Self Medicating

When people find themselves overwhelmed with stress, it’s common for them to self-medicate to cope. Unfortunately, this is an unhealthy way to deal with the problem. Self-medicating can lead to addiction and other serious health problems. It’s essential to find healthy alternatives that will help you to cope with stress more constructively. One helpful method is to take some time each day to relax and unwind. Additionally, you can invest in Delta 8 Gummies, which have been proven to have a calming sensation on the body and mind.

Withdrawing From or Lashing Out at Loved Ones

If you want to cope with stress in a healthy way, then you need to recognize that withdrawing and lashing out are unhealthy. When we lash out at loved ones, we hurt ourselves almost as much as we hurt them. In that same sense, when we feel stressed, isolation feels comfortable, but prolonged social withdrawal is not good for you mentally. Though you can’t go out to your favorite restaurants with your friends right now, you can still make sure that you’re taking proper steps to communicate with loved ones and control anger.

Instead of withdrawing, fight this feeling and reach out to friends and family who help you relax. Work on healthy ways to cope with your emotions that don’t put your loved ones or yourself in any sort of harm.

Unhealthy Ways to Cope With Stress

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