Tips To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

Throughout the winter, our immune systems struggle to keep up with our poor sleep, low activity levels, and “primarily comfort food” diets.

Our bodies can only fight so much on their own, which is why we need to take proper precautions to maintain them. Here are a few tips to strengthen your immune system naturally.

Get Quality Sleep

One of the leading depressors of our immune system is lack of sleep. This is why we often feel cold symptoms the morning after a poor night’s sleep like runny nose, sore throat, and more.

When we get adequate sleep (approximately 7-9 hours per night), our bodies restore the energy we used the day before. Furthermore, we release cytokines during sleep, which help improve our ability to fight infection, inflammation, and stress.

Be sure to get the best sleep each night by following these tips:

  • Stick to a sleep and wake schedule
  • Create a relaxing environment
  • Turn off electronics one hour before bedtime
  • Limit naps

Wash Hands Properly

We frequently carry over 3,000 different germs on our hands throughout the day, and at least 25,000 bacteria per square inch on our mobile phones. And being a mom doesn’t make us any cleaner.

These bacteria contribute to our ability to fight illness and infections, which is why it’s essential to wash our hands throughout the day to avoid those germs entering our system.

Be sure to wash your hands correctly to ensure your immune system stays strong and helps keep you healthy.

Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, and healthy fats give our immune systems the vitamins and antioxidants it needs to protect our bodies. Be sure to include foods that include fiber, vitamin C, and cold-fighting minerals, such as:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Greens (broccoli, spinach, kale, etc.)
  • Almonds
  • Green tea
  • Yogurt

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is known to help us release endorphins and lift our moods, but it also significantly impacts our immune system as well.

When you complete moderate workouts at home or the gym, you improve your overall health, which promotes the immune system. Some exercises you can try include daily walking, cycling, and moderate strength training. You may turn your workouts into a social event by inviting your friends and loved ones to join you!

Manage Stress

Our stress affects our bodies more than we realize, especially when we have kids. When we don’t manage our stress, our immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is significantly reduced, making us more susceptible to infections.

If you experience stress daily, it’s important to remember that visiting a chiropractor can boost your immune system. Some examples of stress management techniques include:

  • Manage your time wisely
  • Practice daily meditation
  • Make time for hobbies
  • Enforce positive self-talk

These tips to strengthen your immune system naturally will help you avoid consistent illnesses and build your overall health.

Tips To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

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