Tips for Jogging With Your Baby in a Stroller

Tips for Jogging With Your Baby in a Stroller

Once you’re ready, jogging with your baby can be a fun activity for you to enjoy together! Get the most out of your exercise while keeping your baby happy and safe. Follow these tips for jogging with your baby in a stroller.

1. Choose a Great Stroller

Strollers are a must-have baby product that makes life easier, and that’s especially true when you’re jogging with your baby. Check the weight and height requirements when comparing strollers. You also want to look for product recalls to avoid malfunctioning strollers.

Jogging strollers are built for higher impact than usual strollers, with air-filled tires for greater durability and stability. The stroller should have a wide base to prevent tipping and a five-point harness to keep your baby secure. The stroller should also give your baby plenty of coverage from the sun but have good airflow.

2. Run on a Smooth, Straight Path

The next tip for jogging with your baby in a stroller is to choose a running path that has a smooth surface and doesn’t include any sharp turns. Smooth surfaces will make it easier for you to push the stroller and give your baby a better experience, too. Turns can be difficult to maneuver through safely with a stroller, so going in a straight path or one with gentle curves is best. And with a straighter path, you’ll have a better line of sight to people up ahead.

3. Secure Your Baby, Then Interact Frequently

Follow your stroller manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you properly strap in your baby. The straps will minimize bouncing and keep your baby in place. Your baby should have good control of their head and neck before you take them jogging. This typically happens between six and eight months old.

Once you secure your baby, check in with them frequently to know they’re well. Keep them entertained and connected to you by singing, talking, and pointing out interesting things.

4. Your Jogging Form

Jogging with a stroller is a workout! You want to follow the right form as you do with all exercises. For example, you should avoid hunching over the stroller. Instead, keep your posture erect.

One way to avoid hunching is to push the stroller with one hand while your other arm swings freely. Then, switch hands every thirty seconds or so. Driving the stroller with both hands can cause you to hunch, and pushing with the same arm can lead to an overuse injury. When you need greater control of the stroller, you should use both hands to move at an even pace.

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