Things To Know Before Starting a Fitness Journey

There comes a time in everyone’s life where change is necessary. As a mom, you tend to ignore the signs because you put your family’s needs before your own. However, you need to maintain your mental and physical well-being if you want to give your children the best version of yourself. If you’re looking to begin a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, you’ll be glad you discovered this list of things to know before starting a fitness journey.

You’re Going To Need Encouragement

To maintain this new lifestyle you’re undertaking, encouragement is imperative. While you may or may not be a fan of positive expressions, you’re going to need a way to encourage yourself.

You can begin journaling to keep track of how you’re feeling, any highs and lows, or anything else you believe will be encouraging for the future. Journaling is a way to remind yourself of what you’re capable of and why you’re doing this. This process will help you channel the encouragement you need when you’re at your lowest point.

Another helpful tip is to join a supportive community. By engaging with other women and moms on the same journey as you, you’ll find encouragement like no other. You can find these communities in online forums or through your local fitness center.

You’re Going To Need Clothes

The truth is, you’re going to need quite a bit of workout clothing to begin a fitness journey. Without the right attire, it’ll be much harder to feel motivated to work out. To prevent this, buy clothes you feel great it.

Knowing how to prolong the life of your workout clothes is just as important if you want to make quality items last. Be sure to stock up on essential pieces, and read through all wash and care instructions.

You Have To Give Yourself Variety

When you begin a fitness journey, you may feel clueless as to what kind of workouts you should do and how often you should exercise. This confusion can be discouraging, but you can combat these feelings by taking it as a learning process and exploring all your possible outlets.

Cardio isn’t for everyone, and maybe you’re not into lifting weights, but these factors shouldn’t discourage you from revolutionizing your life. Instead, explore other options. Yoga is a great way to exercise your body, spirit, and mind. Pilates is a combination of yoga and HIIT training, which makes it a great alternative to more traditional forms of cardio, such as running.

You Can’t Demand Immediate Results

Many women go into their fitness journeys expecting immediate change. This mindset is unrealistic and can even hinder your progress. Encourage yourself to start your new lifestyle with an empty slate. Don’t dive in with expectations and timelines. Instead, be adaptable and understanding toward your own needs.

The most crucial part of starting a new lifestyle is maintaining the right mental outlook. With this helpful list of important things to know before starting a fitness journey, you’re ready to embark on a new experience with an open mind.


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  1. I am a former athletic trainer and you are absolutely right! Especially about not expecting instant results and giving yourself variety. Keeping it interesting keeps you interested and your body surprised which is great for quicker results. However, they still won’t happen overnight. Best to document your daily progress. Take a picture &/ write down any physical/psychological changes each day and then look back at them after a certain amount of time. Keeps you motivated!

  2. I am a group fitness instructor (I focus more on Kids though). But you’re spot on! You definitely need an open mind and consistency. I think so many don’t follow through because they lack the consistency and expect the immediate results. Or if they achieve the results, they think they can just stop there…

  3. I keep starting fitness journeys, and it then stops after a while.. but the things that help me during the time I am on is variety for sure.. zumba yoga and simply walking..

  4. Funny you mentioned the clothes part…I’ve noticed it makes a difference if I am not wearing workout attire.

  5. I am starting a fitness journey and I need to read your post right now. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, this is an excellent guidance. I have been trying to focus on fitness for years but always fail. Now, finally I found best ways to make it happen.

  7. This is super informative. Thanks girl!!

  8. These were all some great tips to those starting a fitness journey!

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