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This is a follow-up post for my most visited blog post, Thieves Oil – Brand Comparison. I wrote this post almost 3 years ago and since then this post has received lots of comments, some good and some critical (I’m a big girl, I can take it). The essential oil industry has taken off in the past couple of years. Everytime I turn around I see another friend posting about using their oils and encouraging their friends to use them. I personally love my oils, but like I mentioned in my previous post, they can get super expensive. When you buy brands like Young Living and DoTerra, especially if you are a rep you might find yourself spending $100 a month in oils just to keep your business going.

I decided early on that I didn’t want to pursue the oil business with Young Living. Having to keep a personal sales volume in order to get my commission is not my cup of tea. So while I loved Young Living Thieves Oil, I decided I wanted to try to find a cheaper alternative.

In my previous post, I talked about giving Eden’s Garden a try. I liked Eden’s Garden, but it just wasn’t the same as Young Living so I ended buying more Young Living. And so my search continued…

…That brings me to today. I finally found an oil that I really love that is, in my opinion exactly like Young Living’s Thieves Oil. You may love me or hate me for this, but the oil is Now Nature’s Shield. The ingredients are exactly the same as Young Living, but it’s only $14.32 on Amazon as opposed to Young Living’s at $39.79.

now nature's shield

You all may have your reasons for sticking with DoTerra and Young Living, but I’ll be sticking with Now and saving some money. And just like my older post I’m completely open to hearing your opinions about your favorite oils. So fire away! Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. The one that I have found that I like is from Hopewell Oils. It is called Plague Defense. It is sooooo much more reasonable in price than YL and you can buy it in multiple sizes.

    1. I’ve seen Hopewell mentioned a few times. I’ll have to give it a try as well. Thank you!

  2. I just placed an order for Plant Therapy and will be looking to compare to the two MLM brands. Any experience stories and advice welcome

    1. I found Now brand Natures Shield 1oz. for under $10

  3. Giving it a try! My mom is crazy about On Guard but, I just can’t afford it anymore! She uses for gum health and she absolutely loves the feeling after brushing her teeth with a drop of On Guard.

    1. Hi – does your mom
      Dilute the on guard or just put one drop directly on her toothbrush? Use toothpaste too or no?

  4. Thanks for posting this, I was looking to buy Thieves oil and this one was much easier to find for me, since I’m from Canada. Can’t beat the price too, I love it! l’m a big fan of Penny Lane oils, a canadian company, but they don’t make a thieves like oil, so I’m glad I tried this one.

  5. I’ve loved Butterfly Essential Oils, and their version is called deliverance. It’s very Clove-y smelling so my hubby turns his nose up at it. Looks like it has all the same ingredients as the other oils you posted about earlier. (Side note: a few years ago some friends of mine and I placed a bulk order together and now we get the wholesale prices.)

  6. There is some misinformation and some misleading information in this blog and the original regarding the cost of the YL product and the commission and pay structure.

    1. If the information is outdated please feel free to post updated cost and payout info. It’s been quite a while since I was a distributor so it’s quite possible things have changed. I’ve only posted how things were when I was a distributor.

    2. whatever MLM still suck

  7. Can you use this oil for your gums like the thieves blend? It is great for your gums

  8. Googling history of Thieves Oil I found a recipe.
    Thieves Oil Blend
    40 drops of Clove essential oil
    35 drops of Lemon essential oil
    20 drops of Cinnamon essential oil
    15 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil
    10 drops of Rosemary essential oil

  9. i use Marseille’s Remedy of Thieves Oil. I like it a lot, and though i do not remember the exact price, it was very reasonable. well worth it 🙂

  10. Have you tried the products? They have a version of Thieves oil.

    1. That is the only kind I buy. I love their Compare to Thieves blend. I have been using it for over 5 years. I diffuse it in my office and at home. No one that’s been to my house or office has come down with covid. Just sayin’…

  11. I have been using Rountain Mountain Oils and have found their Immue Strength oil to be comparable to Thieves! They are a Non-MLM company that test their oils with GC/MS tests result from a third party to ensure their SAAFE promise, all of which they explain in detail on their website.

    I wanted to put this out there to see if you or anyone else has ever reviewed or tried their products!


    1. Hi,
      Do you mean Rocky Mountain Oils and Immune strength oil? Just clarifying so I can check out the correct website.


      1. That is the company i primarily buy from and I love them! Great product for great price!

      2. Yes I do mean Rocky Mountain! I am sorry for the typo!!!

    2. I’ve used a RMC for a few years and love it them! Thieves was the only thing I bought from YL and only bought it on eBay. I’m ordering the one from RMC and give it a try.

  12. Love your honesty and wandering if the now nature shield is safe to use internally ?

  13. […] post! I finally found a thieves oil that I love…and it’s inexpensive! Hop over to this post to find out which oil I went […]

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  15. How can I make a hand sanitizer spray with Shield and witch hazel in 4 oz bottles for gifts?

  16. I have to tell you that there was an independent testing done, and out of 5 companies Now was found to contain synthetic ingredietns. I am buying right now from Young living and will switch to doTerra as soon as I run out, but just wanted to let you know. I did my reseach after I bought Thieves to diffuse in the house since we had mold problem. Unfortunatelly it is always you get what you pay, agains our best wishes.

  17. Thank you for all the helpful information.
    I came across Pranarōm‘a version of thieves, called, Good Samaritan. It was at my local organic market. Has anyone compared it to YL and doTERRA?

    1. Oops, typo – supposed to say, ‘Pranarōm’s version’.

  18. How do/can we compare inggrediet proportions? Seems to me that might make a difference. I have used some Now products and been happy with them.

  19. I love that nature makes so many solutions to our problems. Nature’s Shield looks like a great blend of herb essential oils.

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