The Best Fashion Styles for Fall This Year
The Best Fashion Styles for Fall This Year

Fall is the perfect time for layering, making it arguably the best season to show off what’s in your closet. Even though folks stayed inside for most of 2020 due to quarantine restrictions, we still found a way to evolve our fashion senses. With the help of social media apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram, people have been able to share both dainty and daring looks that caught the eyes of many. While some 2021 fashion trends highlight the staples of decades’ past, other styles showcase the future of fashion. Here are the best fashion styles for fall this year to keep an eye out for.

The Resurrection of 90’s Chic

10 Things I Hate About You, Scream, She’s All That, and, of course, Clueless, embodied some of the most popular elements of 90’s fashion – low-rise jeans, plaid, layered camisole dresses. 90’s fashion is simplistic and incorporates a lot of denim and layering. It strikes the perfect balance between relaxed and careless and structure and purposeful, making it the go-to fall fashion for someone who wants to look effortlessly trendy.

Easy and Breezy Boho

Fashion from the 60’s and 70’s has held its own throughout the decades. Boho fashion has always catered to the free-spirited individuals who want to maximize their comfort and appearance.

Though they share some similar elements, boho style differs from hippie style in various ways. A few reasons why boho fashion is ideal for fall is because it implements layers, uses cozy yet breezy textiles, and implements neutral, fall tones.

Monochrome and Two-Piece Sets

Monochrome has made a name for itself in the modern fashion world. Whereas in the early 2010’s, folks might dub monochrome as too “matchy-matchy,” monochrome is now considered one of the best fashion styles for fall this year.

One clothing option that makes a monochrome appearance easy, hence its jump in popularity, is a two-piece set. A two-piece set comes with a chic top and shorts or pants in the same color and design. Two-piece sets make outfit curation a breeze and are a great choice for fashionistas hoping to make a statement as the seasons change.

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