mantra meditation
mantra meditation

What is mantra meditation? Mantra meditation is basically thinking or saying a word or a phrase during your mediation or even throughout the day. This mantra can be something that was given to you by a teacher or it can be a phrase that makes you feel better about your day, or about yourself.

So why do you need a mantra? Why do people use mantras during meditation?

A common misconception about meditation is that you need to completely clear your mind during meditation. A lot of people, when I talk to them about meditation, they’re like “oh my mind is just way to busy for meditation.” or “I can’t clear my mind.” I want to encourage you to kind of get away from that frame of thought because the truth is our minds are always going to have thoughts, okay.

Our thoughts are going to come during meditation. A mantra is helpful during meditation because it gives your mind something positive and uplifting to focus on during meditation. When your mind starts to wander, you can bring your mind back to that mantra. Just remember that when you’re meditating, don’t beat yourself up when you start to have thoughts. Thoughts are normal, thoughts are going to occur.

I’m going to teach you a universal mantra. This is a mantra that was taught to me and it’s a mantra that anyone can use. The mantra is baba nam kevalam. This is a Sanskrit word, a very old, ancient language. Baba means beloved. Nam means name. And kevelam means only. So it means only the name of the beloved.  A simpler translation of that is love is all there is.

Baba Nam Kevalam

What you do when you are meditating is you just close your eyes and you just think of baba nam kevalam. You just let your mind think about that phrase, baba nam kevalam. And think about the meaning of the mantra, that love is all there is, love is the essence of the universe. And as you are meditating, just continue to think about baba nam kevalam and let the vibrations of that mantra just fill your mind, fill your body. And the more you start to meditate on baba nam kevalam, the more your mind will start to feel relaxed.

You’ll start to feel a sense of peace and you’ll start to notice that if you have any negative thoughts, when you have those negative thoughts, just think of your mantra of baba nam kevalam. Of love is all there is. And you’ll eventually start to notice that those negative thoughts start to go away more and more.

Just continue to meditate on baba nam kevalam and see how that makes you feel. Meditate on that for five minutes. Just start with five minutes and if you can do five minutes, work your way up to ten minutes, and just gradually start to work your way up and increasing your time a little bit more. If you lose your focus and if your mind starts to drift away, that’s okay. Just notice that your thoughts are drifting away and bring yourself back to the mantra

I hope that you will find this helpful and just remember to keep thinking of the phrase baba nam kevalam. Love is all there is.

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  1. I do yoga most every single day and I have meditated a few times – I would love to really get into it!

    1. If you do yoga everyday the best way to meditate a little every day would be to end your yoga session with a short meditation. Voila! You are a daily meditator now!

  2. I think that this is a great idea. I haven’t quite dipped my feet just yet and am tempted meditation, but the idea of a mantra makes it seem more appealing.

  3. I seriously need to do this more. I think this would help me be less stressed.

  4. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Wow! Thanks for this. Now I know what Mantra Meditation is.

  5. This is so helpful. I have always wanted to meditate and find it so challenging!

  6. meditation we must believe it, otherwise it is useless. I do sophrology is very effective but I’m not sure if is it a type of meditation

  7. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    Loved it, especially the pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I just might have to try this! I’m never been successful with meditation because my mind wanders and I get distracted.

  9. Yoga is such a wonderful form of meditation I really think everyone should find time to do it. Loved that beach picture! Gorgeous!

  10. I really like this because when I’ve tried mediation before I’ve been told to clear my mind but my mind just wanders to something else and I can’t stop thinking. This will give the mind a focus so it doesn’t wander but still help to relax

  11. Love your article I need to get back to doing yoga.

  12. I really want to try yoga but because of my working schedule I have no chance but Yoga is such a great form of meditation that anyone can do it.

  13. Great explanation of mantra and I agree very helpful.

  14. Mantras are repetitive sounds used to penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind and adjust the vibration of all aspects of your being. Mantras are vibrated through chanting aloud, mental practice, or by listening to them. The experience of how sound vibrations effect your being is Naad yoga.

  15. This is an ages old practice that is being revitalised

  16. When I’ve taken the time to try meditation it has been a really wonderful experience. And I walk away feeling rejuvenated.
    You’ve inspired me to take another crack at it – it’s been a very long time since I did it last!

    Laura //

  17. I tried different meditations. I think I tried a mantra meditation using gratitude and that’s helpful.

  18. I love this! I really believe that meditation affects greatly our emotions and the way we think!

  19. Meditation definitely brings me back to center and sets a calm over my life. I love practicing it!

  20. Hi, I agree meditation just makes you an Alpha and gives inner peace.
    I also have a similar blog post feel free to checkout

  21. Meditation is making your mind at peace and not overthinking things. Freeing your mind is good and gives good energy.

  22. yoga or meditation is really important as well as good for our health. I really do meditation and I chant OM.

  23. Meditation calms me, always. The beach picture while meditating is awesome.

  24. I should meditate with more focus and stop meditating in bed and sitting up.

  25. I need to try this out. I could use more calm and peace in my busy life.

  26. I’ve read about so many people, mainly celebs, who make time for meditation every day. I really need to give this a go.

  27. I do mantra meditation but I am not really good at it. My friends are also telling me to do yoga, I have only done yoga once. Thank you so much for the motivation that this post brings!

  28. Meditation is so good!

  29. Meditation brings happiness and peace to mind. Helpful for getting rid of stress. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  30. This is interesting! I have never tried yoga! But I always see and hear about how beneficial it is.

  31. I am not a great fan of both yoga and mantra, but I do meditate on the words from the Bible. 🤗

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