Art demonstrates remarkable beauty that is scarce to find in our daily lives, which usually exists in different forms, whether in literature, the visual art of cinema, or perhaps in the performing art of music. Usually, plays and novels can result in readers questioning their beliefs by pure imagination and consumption of a feeling which is so enticing, and nothing can elicit such a powerful and emotional feeling better than poetry.

The best author Daniel Handler of poetry says that we need to appreciate poetry in our lives. Daniel Handler believes that poetry is good for the soul. Here are his reasons for backing his stands.

Poetry helps you Understand Yourself Better

If you have ever felt like you are out of place or wonder why you are feeling or thinking in a certain way, or been frustrated because of other people who do not understand you, you don’t even know what is going on in your head. The best way you can deal with your internal turmoil is to sit down and write poetry. While writing, it can slow down the world around you by streamlining your thoughts to be short and smoothening your anxiety as you think.

Poetry helps you understand people

When you read and write poetry, you will be improving your ability to understand others. From a writing perspective, you will have the ability to dive deep into the minds of readers and place them in the situation that you want them to feel and understand. On the other hand, poetry makes you become patient from a reader’s perspective and look into someone else’s thoughts and cultivate empathy for others.

Poetry is Therapeutic to a Reader

Supposing you fall into the category of people who do not know how to express themselves, reading poetry will positively affect you. You can see the souls of others, see whatever they weigh in their minds and souls in their hearts, and open the doors of suppressed feelings. Reading poetry can light up those dark crevices in your heart and soul that you thought were permanently closed.

Poetry helps improve your Ideas

Sometimes you can sit down and find ideas for what to write. Picking up poetry and going through a piece can blossom up ideas that you thought never existed. By reading and writing poetry, you will generate new ideas and even change your perspective on the old ones. It is a better way of processing emotions, experiences, and visual descriptions.

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