money saving tips
money saving tips

When the six weeks holiday approaches, so does the worry of keeping your children occupied without emptying your bank account. When your funds are already hitting a new low, it may seem tempting to apply for emergency unsecured loans in 15 minutes in order to cover these additional costs and give your children a day to remember. However, these are to be used for a financial emergency only, and alternative funding will be needed to ensure that you can pay for fun days out without overstretching the budget. Here, we are going to give you some insight into how you can survive the summer holiday without breaking the bank.

Camp Out In The Garden

One of the ways to save yourself money over the summer holidays is to have a camp out in the garden. Buy a cheap tent from our local supermarket and allow your children to invite their friends over for a sleepover. This will not only encourage them to enjoy their time outside, but it will also allow them to spend time with their friends making memories and playing. Why not take it one step further and allow them to make smores, giving them the perfect sweet treat after a long day of playing.

Go To The Park

Another way to spend time entertaining the kids without spending a penny is by taking them to the park. Although this may cost you money in fuel to get there, this will give your young one’s hour of fun without you spending a penny to entertain them. In addition to this, you can also invite family friends to make the experience more fun – this can then be followed up by a visit to an ice cream shop for a cone to finish off the perfect summer’s day.

Find Holiday Clubs

Another way to keep your children occupied during the summer holidays is a summer holiday club. This is either through a local youth club or a school and is the perfect way to keep them occupied. Not only this, but this gives you the free time that you need to run errands and complete tasks without dragging the children all over town. Though this will only be a few hours of entertainment once or twice a week, this is the perfect way to keep their minds stimulated and give you a little bit of peace and quiet.

Create A Boredom Jar

The final way for you to survive the summer months is through creating a boredom jar. Think of a number of fun activities for your children to do and place them in the jam jar. The next time that your little ones come to you demanding to be taken out because they are bored, you can then direct them to this jar and its contents. This will then give them a bunch of ideas to enjoy their free times without you having to dip into your pocket and pull out any last little scraps of change, this will not only help you to maintain a healthy spending habit but it will encourage your children to use their imaginations in order to have fun.

Whether you are looking for ways to save money in the summer holiday or you are looking for interesting ways to treat your children and their friends, each of these are the perfect solution to save you money and give them a summer to remember.

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