Step-by-Step Skincare Routine for Nighttime

Step-by-Step Skincare Routine for Nighttime

You spend your entire day taking care of your family, home, and work responsibilities. You tend to focus on everything else in your life except yourself. You deserve a well-deserved routine to yourself before you lay down to rest.

With family cooperation, you can set aside 15 minutes of your evening to focus on yourself and your health. Consider using this step-by-step skincare routine for nighttime to loosen buildup and leave your skin feeling soft. Over time, you’ll see a brighter, smoother complexion that you’ll thank yourself for.

Cleansing and Exfoliating

An essential part of this step-by-step skincare routine for nighttime is making sure that you cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Although cleansing should occur twice a day, once at night is enough to start. You want to remove makeup, debris, and gunk from the skin, leaving it clean and opening the pores.

As for exfoliating, you can add it to your routine twice a week in the evenings to remove excess dead skin and loosen clogged pores. After washing and exfoliating, your skin will become more susceptible to toning and skin treatments.


After you wash your face, your naturally acidic skin will fall toward neutral on the pH scale. Applying toner will help rebalance your skin’s natural pH level. You can place a few drops of toner into your palms or onto a cotton round and gently wipe your face to help your skin feel more hydrated and clean.

Serums and Spot Treatments

Serums and spot treatments are concentrated formulations that help with skin conditions and ailments. Serums such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and niacinamide help balance oil, increase hydration, and reduce redness in the skin.

You can apply serums right after you tone your skin and before you apply your eye cream and moisturizer. Regular spot treatments help with acne breakouts, sunspots, and signs of aging.

Eye Cream

The eye area is incredibly delicate and fragile compared to the rest of the face. Having the appropriate eye cream will help prevent puffiness and dullness while promoting hydration.

Using eye cream is also a fantastic way to counteract dark circles and signs of aging, such as crow’s feet and wrinkles. Eye cream also works best at night, as you won’t touch your face or rub your eyes.

Moisturizing and Face Oil

Lastly, applying a moisturizer will lock everything you’ve previously applied on the skin. It’s an occlusive layer that will prevent moisture loss. Finding the moisturizer for your skin type is crucial, especially if you’re caring for and nourishing sensitive skin. You should stick with using a night cream at night, as it’s thicker and more protective than a standard daily moisturizer. Adding face oil to your routine will prevent bacteria and other debris from penetrating your products while leaving the skin silky-soft.

Taking care of yourself matters as a mother. Set aside time for taking care of yourself; it will help your overall health. After all, who doesn’t love soft, luxurious skin after a long, hard day?

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