Staying healthy around the holidays can seem like a hopeless challenge. Between all of the holiday parties and stress, I’m surprised when I’m able to maintain my weight. This year my usual not so healthy habits returned a little early with a sinus infection that turned into an ear infection that kept me from working out for over 2 weeks.

Once I kicked the infections and got my into my workouts that’s when the birthday parties and holiday parties started. Oh the cake, hot dogs, candy, and booze. And then I just survived Thanksgiving. While I love all of the food and family that comes with Thanksgiving, I’m glad it’s over and so is my body.

After a while, all of this unhealthy eating and drinking catches up to me. I’m feeling more tired than usual, my skin is suffering and we won’t even talk about my muscle tone that has disappeared. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to dwell on my appearance and weight. I just like to FEEL good. And I can say right now I DON’T feel good.

So here is my plan. I know I still have 2 more holidays to get through with Christmas and New Years. I also have my anniversary coming up this weekend. So my plan is to make it through this week by eating healthier, smaller portions and cutting the soda and alcohol. I will continue to workout everyday and I just started Insanity Max:30 last week. Shaun T will continue to kick my butt. Next Monday I will go through 3 Day Refresh to help jump start my body flush out the bad stuff and get in the good stuff that my body has been needing.

I’m a little nervous about 3 Day Refresh as this will be the first time I’ve done it. I figure it’s only 3 days and I’ll still get to eat real foods. It’s not like a liquid diet like some of the other crazy cleanses out there. Call me crazy, but I like to eat.

So tell me how you all are surviving the holidays! Are you having a hard time staying healthy like I am?

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