Simple Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Many people have poor sleep habits. Lack of sleep, or even just lack of restful sleep, is a common idiosyncrasy that ties humanity together. We know a decent night’s sleep is as equally important to our health as daily exercise and a well-rounded diet, but we often shrug our shoulders and think that a poor night’s sleep is just life. Other times, we try every supplement or magic trick in the book to sleep better but give up because nothing seems to work. To feel our best during the day, we need to sleep our best at night. Here are a few simple tips for a good night’s sleep.

Check Your Consumption Habits

Did you know around 90% of Americans consume caffeine? Caffeine is all good and well to boost your mood and energy in the morning, but it’s not wise to consume a dose of it at night. Even a 3 P.M. coffee break can lead to a night of restless sleep. Know how caffeine affects your body personally, and think hesitantly when you’re about to reach for another cup of coffee in the afternoon. Grab a handful of almonds or a mug of herbal tea instead.

There are many different herbal teas that you can explore that have sleep-boosting properties. Lavender tea is a reliable nightcap – the scent of lavender alone can help reduce stress and promote production of sleep hormones. You could also try chamomile tea, which has been used as a sedative for centuries. Peppermint teas such as this Mint Brook Meadows Tea could also help you relax.

Late-night snacks are another cause of poor sleep. Eating late at night or right before you go to bed can disrupt the natural release of hormones such as HGH and melatonin, which normally help a person ease into sleep. If you need a snack after dinner, consume a small-portion snack without any additional sugar at least two hours before you head to bed.

It’s All About the Environment

Out of all the simple tips to consider for a good night’s sleep, the creation of a restful bedroom environment is at the top of the list. Your rest environment must be a place highly conducive to sleeping. This is easy to forget when you may lounge on the bed throughout the day, but sleep is exactly what we own beds for. Have a quality mattress and comfy pillows, and try to reserve your bed as a space strictly for rest at night.

You should also fully optimize your bedroom environment as a quiet and relaxing place without distractions. Minimize external noise and lights for peace and quiet in the dark, and keep internal noise and lights at bay based on your preferences. The ideal room for sleep is also cool. Monitor the room temperature and ensure it’s comfortable based on your choice of sleepwear and number of blankets.


Getting enough sleep also means taking steps to ensure that you’re comfortable as you lay on your front, side or back. If you have a bad back or a stiff neck, that can affect the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling groggy in the morning. You might drift off, but you won’t be able to enter a deep sleep because parts of your body are still sending pain signals to the brain.
Getting adjusted by visiting your chiropractor can help, though. Professionals simply manipulate your body back into the proper alignment and provide you with exercise advice and tips to rehabilitate any parts of your body that are giving you trouble.

Ensure Your Child Sleeps Well

When kids don’t sleep, parents don’t sleep, and then the whole family is overtired and cranky throughout the day. To beat this cycle, stick to a bedtime routine, purchase nightlights with cool designs, and avoid electronics at night. Set rules for your kids so that they don’t interrupt your sleep. As a parent, you have to be the one who sets the scene for sleep. For the optimal well-being of the family, ensure your child sleeps well to pave the way to a good night’s rest for yourself.


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