Fisheye Lens
Fisheye Lens

As many of you may know, a good DSLR camera with a good set of lenses is quite an investment. Photographers and videographers can pour thousands of dollars into equipment. What if I told you that you could be taking amazing photos with your smartphone for less than $20?!

My husband and I have spent hours researching DSLR cameras so that we make sure when we make this investment that we will be getting the right camera for us. We couldn’t believe our eyes when a few Google searches and Youtube reviews led us to 3 tiny lenses that we can attach to our smartphones for $15. That’s right! $15!! Crazy, right?!

wide angle lens

MPOW makes a lens kit just for smartphones. The $15 kit we bought comes with a fisheye lens, wide angle lens and macro lens. The macro lens got me the most excited. Back in my photography school days I loved played with macro photography. It always amazes me the amount of detail you can get with a macro lens (and reminds me how little I like to dust). When we bought this kit for $15 I really thought it was too good to be true so I wasn’t really expecting it to be that great.

We were very pleasantly surprised at the quality of lens we got and how easy they were to use. The lens each easily attached to both our iPhone 6s plus and LG G4 without even having to take the cases off. And as you can see below the picture quality was pretty freaking awesome for $15.

wide angle



I will say that these little lenses won’t replace a DSLR or a nice mirrorless camera. We actually ended up finding a bargain of a deal on a Sony A6000 this weekend that I will write more about in another post. But if you can afford an expensive camera, but want to play around with some cool lenses this is the way to go. These lenses would especially come in handy on hiking trips when you don’t necessarily want to carry around a bit expensive camera.

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  1. LOVE! Camera equipment is very important to me, as I make videos all the time – but hot damn it’s expensive!!!!

  2. This blog are very useful for me because I am also a beginner . But I need a camera . But I dont select actual right camera to use it proffetionaly ?

  3. Hey there,
    As a bignner photograper i want to say that your artilce just awesome. This ideas will help me a lot to save me money. Thank you so much for this post. I’m a big fan of your blog and always love to read tips and tricks like this article. I’m the owner of The Sony a6000 but it’s not working good for me. I hope i have to buy other one. Speacialy i working on Music video. Do you have suggestion for me?

    How about Canon EOS Rebel T7i?

  4. I am new to photography and currently using my phone to capture. This article would really help me to get shots like yours before buying a decent camera. Thank you for sharing this.

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