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Plantar Fasciitis is a very painful thing that a lot of runners deal with, sometimes going to places where there are platform lifts from The Terry Group feels like a blessing for those who suffer of this problem. My husband has recently started dealing with this and we’ve had to do some research to find out how to deal with the pain and get him back to running pain-free. Here are a few things we’ve found to help with plantar fasciitis.


  1. Get Supportive Shoes

    It’s well worth it to spend a little extra on running shoes if it means running pain free. Here are a few shoes that are especially supportive:

    Asics Gel Kayano

    Brooks Adrenaline GTS 

    New Balance 990v4

  2. Get Insoles

    If you already have good shoes and you are still experiencing pain you might considering getting insoles for a little added support. Here are some insoles that will help:Stride Insoles
    Arches Orthotics
    Infusion Fit Insole
  3. Stretch

    Here are several good stretches you might want to try. Some might look a little creepy, but they will help.

  4. Massage

    Either roll your foot on a tennis ball or give one of these little balls a try.

  5. Rest

    While you are stretching and massaging, it might be a good idea to take an extra rest day.


Have you dealt with plantar fasciitis? How did you get back to running?

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  1. What great shoe suggestions. I have a lot of friends that have plantar fasciitis and try everything they can to stay active.

  2. I have plantar fasciitis and it sometimes hurts to walk. I think using a massage ball would feel amazing.

  3. I need to tell my mother in law about this because she suffers from PF and is a runner. Thank you!

  4. I love running, but it definitely wouldn’t be as much fun if you are in pain. A good pair of running shoes is always important.

  5. My husband had it really badly. He ended up having to get surgery for it and that helped a lot but he’s still not 100%.

  6. I’m not a runner but these are great tips and suggestions for runners dealing with plantar fasciitis.

  7. I’ve suffered this briefly when I was in the later stages of pregnancy on my 4th, 5th and 6th children-and then for awhile after. It’s awful!

  8. Aww. this is a nice idea. I love running. The only way I stay active

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