Planning A Fun Birthday Party For Kids In Lockdown

Currently, there are a lot of families remaining in lockdown and isolation. Even if social distancing measures are slowly lifted over the next few months, it’s fair to say that some will need to remain in place to ensure that the spread of the virus is limited, until at least November. Indeed, some form of social distancing may have to continue until vaccination is found and this may not be until 2021. This might seem like a nightmare if your child’s birthday is around the corner. You certainly don’t want them to be miserable on what should be a funfilled day, completely dedicated to their enjoyment. Well, they won’t be because we have some fantastic ideas on how to celebrate a birthday without breaking the rules of social distancing and indeed the lockdown. 

Hire A Bouncy Castle

lockdown birthday party

It’s fair to say that you probably can’t arrange live entertainment for your child’s birthday right now. That means that you won’t be able to arrange a clown or a magician. You will however still be able to rent out props and activities that your kids are sure to love. For instance, you can explore a jumping castle rental. Or, if your child’s birthday is going to be in the middle of the summer then you might want to explore a full water slide rental as well. Most of these things can be set up with limited team members so they could definitely still be a great option. 

Prepare A Movie Night

It’s possible that due to social distancing, your child won’t be able to spend their birthday with their friends. But that’s okay because this is a great chance to make it a family occasion. You can have some fun here by planning out a movie night complete with popcorn, snacks, and drinks. Of course, you can always break to cut the cake too. Or, if your child is more of a gamer than a film buff give them free rein on the TV to play all their favorite games and make sure that you join in on the fun. 

Prepare Their Favorite Meal

Social distancing is likely going to mean there won’t be a chance to visit a restaurant for your kid’s birthday meal. You could consider ordering in because lots of taking out places are still available. However, this could also be a great chance to cook their favorite dish yourself. Whether you are a whizz in the kitchen or not, you’re guaranteed to find some fantastic choices that are sure to be a hit with your child. Just follow the recipe you find to a tee and you can’t go wrong. It might be a smart idea to do some dry runs before the big day through to ensure these options taste as delicious as they look. 

As well as cooking their favorite meal, you can also treat them to some delicious sweets. You can make things more personal by getting some personalized candy favors that everyone in the family will be able to share and enjoy together.

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways to celebrate your child’s birthday if you are still stuck in lockdown. There’s no need for the coronavirus pandemic to suck the joy out of this occasion with our fantastic tips. 

Planning A Fun Birthday Party For Kids In Lockdown

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  1. You have some lovely ideas here, thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ll have to forward this to my friends with kids, who knows how long this quarantine will last and everyone has birthdays coming up!

    1. Some cool ideas! I think my boy would love the bouncy castle

  3. These are great tips! Will forward this to my sister who is trying to throw a party for my nephew in a few weeks 🙂

  4. My son just had a birthday while sheltering in place. It was hard, but I arranged a surprise drive by birthday parade. We followed that with take out dinner from a local pizza place he loves and a movie. These are great ideas. If my son was younger a bouncy house would have been great!

  5. Yes! All of our kids get to choose the meals for their birthday. It’s such an easy thing, but it makes them feel so special 🙂

  6. My mom celebrated her birthday last week. We just had a simple dinner at home because we cant go out. I hope everyone is safe in this pandemic

  7. Thank you for this tips, they look really good! My son is about to be 2 years next month and we can’t be with any of our relatives so will try to make something special!

  8. Recently my youngest neice had her birthday and we prepared her favourite food and arranged a movie night. It went well.

  9. Awww I should have read this a few months back so that I could have improved my daughter’s lockdown bday party

  10. I love the movie night idea

  11. I super agreee. thanks for all these tips! We also had a few weeks back a covid19 themed birthday party for my niece. it was still fun even though there were lesser people 🙂

  12. Omg what a cute idea! I love it

  13. We did a Zoom birthday party when my grandson turned five last month. It actually worked well. My daughter sent a list of what to have ahead of time (bubbles, cake, etc.) and we had a lot of fun despite being on lock down 1500 miles from each other. Movie night is also a great idea, especially if you can project the film on the side of the house or a garage. There’s just something about a big screen!

  14. The lockdown truly brought our inner creativity! My nephew’s 2nd birthday is approaching and we haven’t figured out how to celebrate it yet. We wanted it to be memorable since we wont be inviting guests and we’ll be celebrating it with the family (the whole family decided to move back to my parents’ home for the quarantine). Movie night sounds amazing and I’ll prolly stream some Mickey Mouse shows for him. Thanks for the suggestions!

  15. Some very useful ideas that I can see would be handy for those with children who are in lockdown.

  16. Parties during the lockdown is so hard. It’s my birthday tomorrow and we’re choosing to spend it with the closest people in our family.

  17. Great ideas to keep in mind for making a child’s birthday as fun it can be during these covid times.

  18. These are great ideas. We have to use our imagination and enjoy the little things during the lockdown.

  19. My daughter had a birthday about a week after we went into lockdown, and it was so hard for her. These are all great ideas!

  20. My sister in law celebrated her quarantine bday too. Making fun on lockdown.

  21. It can be hard to enjoy or even celebrate a birthday during times. But you got some great ideas to do so!

  22. The favorite meal is a must for us on birthdays it’s a great way to help them have their day.

  23. This is great. It’s important to keep the spirits up in these testing times.

  24. These are some great ideas. I feel bad for those who cant have parties. As long as you make it special I think it should be a good day.

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