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A smartphone is an important accessory in our life. Nowadays, everyone, including youngsters and older adults, owns smartphones. Everyone uses the same phone features, like calling, messaging, taking photos, etc. However, the way we use these features is what makes the difference. This article will guide you through 5 simple steps to personalize your smartphone and make it a unique piece of art that expresses your personality!

Install a new keyboard

Keyboards are essential things on your smartphone. They are used to type emails and messages on your phone. Even though the default keyboards are good enough for basic use, several third-party keyboards on the Play Store can make your typing experience super-fast and easy. Some of the best keyboards are Gboard, SwiftKey, and We keyboard, among many others. Once you install a new keyboard on your phone, you can use it to type emails and messages and insert images, GIFs, videos, etc. You can also customize your keyboard with different colors and fonts.

Add a video to your lock screen.

Videos are the best way to express your feelings, thoughts, and mood on any occasion. You can add a video to your lock screen that will be visible to everyone whenever they try to unlock your phone. You can use videos of your loved ones, pets, or any video that makes you happy. You can even capture your video and add that to your lock screen. You can even add an animated sticker video from the sticker apps like Panda sticker, Boomerang sticker, etc. This can add a lot of fun to your phone and make it more personal and expressive.

Choose a personalized phone case.

Phone cases are an essential part of the phone. They protect your phone from getting damaged. They also make your phone look stylish and unique. You can choose a phone case with a picture of your loved one, a picture of your favorite actor, a photo of your pet, or even a picture of your favorite art piece. This will make your phone case very special and personal to you. You can also choose a colorful phone case to make your phone look vibrant and expressive if you don’t want to add images.

Change the color of the UI either through hues or wallpapers.

The User Interface (UI) or the design of your phone is one of the critical factors that make it look beautiful and stylish. You can change the color of your UI from your phone’s settings, either through hues or wallpapers. You can select any color that suits your mood and personality. You can also change the wallpaper on your phone daily to make it look different every day. You can change it according to your mood, season, or special occasion.

Add custom phone stickers.

Phone stickers are trendy these days. They are fun and expressive and come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. You can find cell phone stickers of almost anything, including nature, animals, food, celebrities, etc. You can put these stickers anywhere on your phone, the back cover or the sides. You can even use them as wallpapers on your phone and put them on your conversations. This little addition to your phone can make it super-personal and expressive.


If you’re looking to add a bit of personality to your cell phone, these ideas can help you to change from the default settings and put your own stamp on your device.

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