family car
family car

Finding the perfect car for the family is a challenge, not only do you have to consider the practical elements, but also the level of comfort that your family will be met with on every journey. Here, we are going to give you our checklist for the perfect family car.

Amount Of Space

When picking the perfect family car, it is important to ensure that the model you are looking at fits your requirements for space. This is key as you will need to make sure that there are enough seats for passengers as well as room in the boot for items such as luggage. There are several models on the market from leading brands such as Honda and Vauxhall that differ in size and capability, making it perfect for any size family. With models such as the Honda HR-V paving the way for the ultimate family car, there has been an increased focus on this aspect of the market. Cars such as this, as well as a number of other models are available in Honda dealerships in Essex as well as up and down the country, allowing you to find the perfect car for your family quickly.

Overall Comfort

Another aspect to look out for is the overall comfort of the car. This is not only whilst you are driving, but also with passengers in the back as this will be important should you be travelling a long distance. This is particularly important if you are taking the kids away on a holiday as they will need to be comfortable throughout the duration of the trip.

Safety Features

Another element to look into when picking the perfect family car is the safety features that are pre-installed – this is because safety should be a priority when travelling with your family. With technology such as lane assist and emergency braking as standard on several cars, this gives you a wide range of choice at different price points. It is also important to consider the make of the car as Mercedes and Audi are commonly purchased by those that are looking for comfort on a motorway, however Vauxhall and Ford are the perfect compromises between comfort whilst driving and affordability which is very important for a family car.  


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of buying a car is driveability. Not only does it need to be smooth, but it should also be quick to change gear as well as comfortable in all weather conditions. This is vital as this could be the difference between a car you are looking to buy or a car that is not right for you and your family.


It is also important to look at the fuel efficiency on a car that you are looking to buy as this could push the car slightly over the budget. By finding the right car that fits within your budget and does not burn through a vast amount of fuel, it will enable you can stay within your budget and save yourself money in the long term. Although this can take time to find a car that ticks all the boxes, it is important to persevere as this will pay off in the long term.  

Regardless of the style of car you choose in the long term, the above points are highly important to consider as this will make the car perfect for all the family.

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  1. Wow, i now know that to find the perfect family car, i need to consider some pratical elements which are: amount of space,overall comfort,safety features,driveability and lastly efficiency and it will make the car perfect for all the family.Thanks

  2. We’re planning to buy a family car this year! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. planning to buy a car for family. will follow your tips. thanks

  4. I without hesitation know that to find the perfect family car, I need to consider some pratical elements which are amount of space overall comfort ,safety features , drive ability and lastly efficiency and it will make the car perfect for all the family .Thanks

  5. Helpful tips when you are looking for a family car and if you are into traveling long distance, indeed overall comfort and efficiency of the car are a great plus. Great share, Cyndi.

  6. We agree with all the things you mentioned. Very well-thought list! Thank you for sharing this useful information. Great job!

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  11. We’re about to buy a new car for our small family and good thing I found this guide. This will really help us decide on which one to buy. Thank you so much.

  12. Thanks for your truly informative writing to choose a perfect family car. I’m happy to see the tips to consider for buying my family car. I bought it following your tips and now enjoying it with family. Thanks again for your nice step.

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