When I started my blog over 7 years ago I would have never thought my writing focus would shift to meditation and yoga. I have always liked yoga and knew I should meditate. I just never had the focus and discipline to meditate or practice yoga on a regular basis. I always thought my mind was to busy and I was too busy to meditate.

Sound familiar? It should because I have heard these things from many of my readers, friends and family. I hear so many people give me the exact same reasons I gave a few years ago as to why they don’t meditate. I get it where they are coming from.

What changed for me? First I set a goal for myself that I wanted to meditate a little everyday last year. Shortly after I set that goal for myself I was told about a free meditation class. I decided to take the meditation class so that I could quit trying to figure out this whole meditation thing on my own.

The meditation class was a game changer for me. I learned a universal mantra to use during meditation, how to meditate, the best times to meditate and was encouraged to push myself to meditate a little bit more every week. These were skills that I carried on with me for the rest of the year and still use to this day.

My mission is now to pay it forward. I want to encourage my readers to give meditation a try. Find a meditation class that suits you and your needs. I want to teach my readers the skills they need in order to bring meditation in your life in a simple way. It doesn’t have to be super complicated and time consuming. If meditation and yoga are bringing you stress you are doing it wrong.

You are welcome to join me on this journey to bring yourself into a more continuous blissful state. I will give you simple steps to take to make meditation and yoga a sustainable part of your life.


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  1. LOL you have hit all my excuses, no time, too stressed and busy to stop, it won’t help. You are very inspiring in your writing. My favourite line, “If meditation and yoga are bringing you stress you are doing it wrong. “

  2. I seriously wish I could do meditation and yoga …I’m definitely doing it wrong because the New Yorker inside me just couldn’t slow it down. I did try! Maybe I need to try again!

  3. I have tried to do some form of meditation at least once a week. The way I do it is to put a mask on and just relax for 30 minutes.

  4. While I have started on yoga (and more honestly on and off), meditation is something I am yet to work on an dyou have definitely inspired me

  5. I always seem to put off Yoga and meditation, but looks like you have got me on this one. I will make more time xx

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