When it comes to LED flood lights, which are also referred to as LED security lights, you are going to want to place them very strategically around your house and yard so that they are able to provide you with a very high quality of lighting for areas of your home.  This will make sure that you will have the proper amount of lighting that you require for all of the different areas of your home. But with all of the different options when it comes to LED flood lights, it can become overwhelming very quickly. Here is everything that you are going to need to know in order to help you purchase the best LED flood lights for your individual needs.

led flood lights buying guide


When you are looking for new light bulbs, the most important factor that you are going to want to keep in mind is going to be the bulbs lumens.  While the bulbs wattage is going to allow you to measure how much energy will be required to light the bulb, the lumens are going to tell you how much light the bulb is going to be producing.  So, what this means, is that the higher the number of lumens the flood light has, the brighter it is going to be. So instead of just purchasing your LED flood lights by their wattage, you should keep in mind the lumens as well.


The Ledecolighting.com.au flood lights wattage is going to refer to how much energy it is going to be consuming while it is on, not the amount of light that it will be putting off (which is lumens).  The LED flood lights that are more energy efficient are going to use a lower amount of wattage to give you the same number of lumens, or brightness. What this means is that LED flood lights are going to be able to create you a much brighter light, but while using less energy at the same time.  This is going to help you out when it comes to lowering your electric bill.

Color Temperature

What is meant by color temperature, is going to the color of the light that will be coming from your LED flood light.  While it may just sound as though it is only going to be important for aesthetic reasons, the color temperature is actually going to be a very important factor in the light’s performance.  While yes, you can use the color temperature to help you set a certain mood in a space, it can have a huge influence on work performance or even buying behavior. When it comes to your LED flood lights color temperature, the color that the light emits is going to be measured in Kelvin.  So essentially, the higher the amount of Kelvin that your flood light has, the whiter the light is going to be.

Now that you know all that you need to know about LED flood lights, you can go out and be sure that you are buying the exact flood lights that you want.

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  1. First, check the brightness. LED lights are already featured with higher number of lumens which determine their brightness. However, don’t forget to see the lumen count while buying because it would assist you decide the brightness. Flood lights have come an extended way within the past few years with LED technology. Nowadays, they create an excellent choice, whether for residential or commercial usage.

  2. Many people buying the led flood lights for there to save the bills and its good for eyes too. It has long durability. It is important and good to have the led lights at home. The article is good and quite informative. Thanks for sharing!

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