No one embraces a negative diagnosis. We convince ourselves those headaches are nothing, or that the ringing in our ears is little more than an annoyance. Then, someone with far more knowledge of these things sits in front of us and tells us that the niggling worry in the back of our minds is right – there’s something more serious going on. 

In the aftermath of such news, you’ll have a lot to digest. Whether you’re dealing with illness, hearing loss, or beyond, it might take you at least a few days to grasp what all this means. When you do, though, looking for light in this time of darkness is your best chance at remaining positive throughout.

The fact is that dwelling on a dark diagnosis isn’t going to help anyone, least of all you. In fact, studies have shown that a defeatist attitude at times like these can drastically impact recovery. So, as soon as you feel able to take the next step, you should instead start seeking the light in your dark diagnosis using the following techniques. 

Image by Christian Fregnan: CC0 License

# 1 – Talk about your options

You may assume that a negative diagnosis is definitive, but that’s rarely the case. Sadly, doctors will often only cover the basics until you’re ready to talk. So, make sure that you do! Ask about treatment choices for helping you through an illness, or take the time to learn more about whether hearing aids could help despite a profound deafness diagnosis. Often, once you start considering these routes, you should find that your diagnosis isn’t as helpless as you thought. And, that’s key to uncovering the light you didn’t previously see at the end of the tunnel.

# 2 – Focus on the positives

This one may make you roll your eyes, but it’s a cliche for a reason. Any negative diagnosis can leave you feeling like nothing’s going your way, and to some extent, that’s your right. But, it’s also easy to forget the good stuff when you start dwelling like this. By instead focusing on positives, you should, therefore, find that you’re much better able to move forward with the right mindset. This needn’t even be anything groundbreaking. For many, it could just be the support of loved ones or the fact that you’re able to keep working. Even just the joy of a summer’s day could be enough to put a little spring back in your step.

# 3 – A reminder to look after you

It’s also sad but fair to say that many of us fail to take self-care seriously until a diagnosis like this highlights its importance. Proof that your body needs a little TLC is, after all, the best push to finally pull out the yoga mat or find a meditation technique that works for you. Even better, the mental benefits of these positive practices could well see you facing your diagnosis head-on. So, listen to your body at last, and let the rest take care of itself.

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