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Intensive Outpatient Program: 10 Vital Questions Answered  

Intensive outpatient programs can sometimes help individuals who are struggling. They can be genuine lifesavers in some cases. They are not appropriate for everyone, though. 

Before you seek out an intensive outpatient program, check out the responses to the questions in our article. Many of them involve topics that you probably want addressed before you move forward with this option. 

Who Can Be in One? 

There’s no single reason why someone might be in an intensive outpatient program. However, those who are battling addiction or who are having mental health issues are likely candidates. 

Are There One-On-One or Group Interactions? 

There can be either one-on-one or group interactions if you’re getting into an intensive outpatient program. You might be able to choose between those options based on your particular situation. 

Are These Programs Voluntary or Involuntary? 

You can get involved with either an involuntary or a voluntary intensive outpatient program. Sometimes, a judge may order you to undertake this treatment if you are viewed as being a threat to others or yourself. 

What Can You Learn About in These Programs? 

You can learn about numerous things in these programs. For instance, you might learn coping skills so you’ll experience less stress. You may learn vocational skills that can help you find gainful employment when you get out. 

Can Your Family Be Involved? 

Usually, your family will not have any direct involvement in your treatment. Just because they’re not sitting in on your sessions, though, that doesn’t always mean you will not be in touch with them. These programs often allow you to communicate with family members if the program director feels that’s beneficial. 

How Many of These IOP Programs Exist? 

There are dozens of these programs located all across the country. If you feel that one will be beneficial to you, it is probable that you can locate one close to you. 

Do They Cost the Patient Anything? 

For the most part, you will be obligated to pay for the treatment if you get into one of these programs. The average cost of a stay can be anywhere from $3,000-$10,000. 

Must You Stay Overnight in One of the Facilities that Offer IOPs? 

The key difference between the terms “inpatient” and “outpatient” is that you don’t stay at the facility for the entire length of your treatment if you’re doing the outpatient variety. You might find that to be an easier option in some instances. 

What Additional Benefits Can You Expect from Your Treatment? 

Other than what we’ve mentioned so far, you can also expect clinicians to be on staff there to help you. You can benefit from detox services and the administration of the appropriate medication in many instances as well. 

How Long Does the Typical IOP Program Last? 

You should expect to stay in one of these programs anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks in most cases. You can also sign up for multiple programs if the first one didn’t yield the results that you wanted.  

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