Hygiene Mistakes That You Need To Stop Making

People make personal hygiene mistakes every day, and it does not seem to be too bad of an issue. Unfortunately, years of this behavior can lead to some poor hygiene, and potentially even medical issues. Here are some of the personal hygiene mistakes that you need to stop making if you want to lead a happier and healthier life.

Using the Same Towel

A common hygiene mistake that is easy to make is that you often use the same towel. These towels clean off all your dead skin cells and bacteria, and after multiple days of use, you will potentially have a full-blown microscopic ecosystem on your towel. Towels also collect fungi in addition to urinary and anal secretions, and drying in warm, moist, dark places like your bathroom does not eliminate them. Use a clean towel regularly, and your skin will thank you.

Cotton Swabs in Your Ear

Many people make a personal hygiene choice every day: cleaning out their ears with cotton swabs like Q-TIPS®. These can get rid of annoying earwax and skin flakes in the ear. At the same time, cotton swabs also cause irritation, push wax further into the ear canal, and even cause eardrum damage. If you want to really clean your ears, you should invest in some ear curettes or even some earwax drops. These can help dislodge the wax in your ear and get it out so that it won’t cause damage down the line.

Brush Time

Everyone brushes their teeth, and some may even brush twice a day. These are great habits that every person should incorporate into their routines, but they need to execute them correctly. People should brush their teeth for around two minutes, and they should do the same with flossing. You should do this because many bacteria from food can find hiding places in your teeth and gums, and sadly, it takes a little bit of effort to get them all out. No worries, though, as this will both protect your teeth and gum health, as well as give you a clean mouth that will surely boost your mood.

Loofahs and Washcloths

Like the towels, many people use loofahs, shower sponges, washcloths—and they do not wash them nearly enough. As a result, these cleaning devices quickly collect a lot of germs and bacteria and need to be appropriately disinfected and replaced regularly. On top of this, you should not store these products in the shower as this high-moisture area is favorable for bacteria growth.

These were some of the hygiene mistakes that you need to stop making, and you should do that sooner rather than later. If these activities keep up, your personal hygiene routine will become a personal unhygienic routine, and you will hurt your skin, mouth, or ear health.

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