How To Raise an Environmentally Conscious Child

Raising children is tough there are so many important things to teach. These tips for raising an environmentally conscious child will help you raise the next generation to change the world. Start making an impact today.

Lead By Example

The best way to teach a behavior is to model it. Lead your child by example and try to neutralize your carbon footprint around the home. Talk to your child about the decisions you make, and you will give a great example for the future.

Start in the Kitchen

Neutralizing your family’s carbon footprint is a great place to start teaching your child about environmental responsibility. There’s no better place than the kitchen to begin teaching about the environment. Start incorporating organic foods into your child’s meals and cut back on red meats; they add greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. Cut back on waste in your kitchen, and your child will learn to follow.

Teach About the Weather

A great way to help your child understand the world is to teach about the weather. It may seem simple, but talking about the weather can help your child learn about the power and importance of the Earth. Start small by teaching about summer, rain, and snow. Move up to bigger concepts like acid rain and global warming. Teaching about the weather is one of the best places to start raising an environmentally aware child.

Tour a Recycling Facility

Teaching about recycling is important, but why not take it one step further and tour a recycling facility? Many recycling facilities offer tours for children and school groups. This can be a great way for your children to learn about the importance of recycling. Schedule a tour at your local recycling center, and your kids can learn about the wonders of recycling.

Celebrate Earth Day

There’s no better way to excite your children than to create a meaningful celebration for Earth Day. Creating a family tradition around Earth Day is one of the best tips for raising an environmentally conscious child. Create traditions like planting in the garden or cleaning up the local park to solidify the importance of the day. Celebrate Earth Day with your family, and your child will carry on the tradition for years to come.

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