how to prepare for braces
how to prepare for braces

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Almost every teenager has to go through this right of passage, getting braces. Not many teenagers look forward to that big day. But hopefully, you’ve put in place a good oral hygiene routine from a really early age. Having good foundations and knowledge of how to look after your teeth and why will have prepared your teenager for this day. As prepared as they may be it always helps to have first class family dentistry. Your teenager needs to be comfortable and have confidence in the dentist performing the procedure. My daughter recently got braces. I’m going to give you some tips we used to prepare for that dreaded appointment and first few days after getting braces. 

Take Aleve or Tylenol 

Your kiddo is going to be in a bit of pain when they first get their braces. Go ahead and give them a little tylenol or aleve before their appointment to cut down on the pain. 

Have lots of soft foods ready 

It will be hard to eat solid foods for a little bit. Go ahead and buy things like soup, yogurt, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, etc. You might even want to pack your kiddos lunch for a few days until they adjust to eating normal foods again. 

Make the appointment in the afternoon

Your kiddo isn’t going to want to go to school right after they get braces. If possible, make the first appointment after school so that they have the evening to rest to get used to their new braces. 

Have the chapstick ready

Getting braces means sitting in a chair with their mouth pried open for about an hour. Have some chapstick on hand when they are done. Your teenager will love you for this. 

Get some orthodontic wax

Getting used to braces comes with some scrapes to the inside of the mouth, especially if they are adjusting to playing an instrument with their braces. Orthodontic wax will help with the adjustment period. 

Eat a good meal and brush your teeth really good before the appointment

As you can tell eating will be hard the first few days. Go ahead and eat a good meal before the appointment. Have your kiddo brush their teeth really good before the appointment. 

Get a waterpik

Keeping the braces clean will be super important. You don’t want to be that person with food stuck in your braces. A good waterpik will help keep your teeth and braces nice and clean. 

I hope this helps! Best of luck on this journey to getting straight teeth! If I missed any tips on how to prepare for braces please leave them in the comments below. 

how to prepare for braces

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  1. Fortunately, i never had to wear braces!!! But I heard they’re not comfy at the beginning. Thanks for the info.

  2. catherine santiago jose

    These are definitely a nice tips and an important reminder for everyone who are going to get their braces, will also share this with my niece. Thank you!

  3. Yes, to all of these tips. Having braces is not really easy I saw all those pains when my sister got her braces installed last month.

  4. I didn’t realize it but these are all very good tips and precautions! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Braces back in 8th grade were not a good look for me. These look so slim and sleek. They aren’t bulky! Kids wont know what its like to have a mouth full of metal now days.

  6. My grandchildren are reacing the age for braces so article is very timely. Thank you!

  7. Ugh I remember getting braces. Totally not a fun experience, but these tips are perfect!

  8. I am going to show this to my daughter because she is getting braces in January. The crazy thing is, for some reason, she’s really excited about them!!

    Candy Rachelle
    Keeping Up With Candy

  9. Ah the days of braces. I remember not being able to eat for days after tightening! Soft food is a must 😛

  10. Natasha Romero Salas

    Braces are the worst, but the best at the same time! My braces helped my teeth so much, but I definitely needed lots of chapstick (something so many people forget about).

  11. I am still debating on whether I want to get braces or not. I will definitely have to apply these tips for when I do.

  12. Great post and start to read this before having braces, it can be a very long journey. But it is still worth it.

  13. I had no idea that getting braces was a painful procedure. I was actually considering getting some as I was never happy with my teeth.

  14. this is such a great insight and full of info post for anyone who will be having braces- great advice

  15. Great post!! I had braces in high school and I am getting Invisalign soon! Thankfully this process isn’t as hard or painful as braces LOL

  16. These are all great tips! So far I haven’t had to deal with traditional braces on any of my kids, but that doesn’t mean that there wont be a trip coming up with the younger two.

  17. I am a dentist and I approve this post, especially the Waterpik. This is also what I tell patients. Once you get your brackets, it’s going to be hard to keep your teeth clean, and it will be impossible to floss–so the Waterpik is going to be their best friend.

    Personally, though, I prefer morning appointments. Children (even teens) tend to be more restless in the afternoon, so I usually schedule by installations in the morning.

  18. Wow, these are some great tips! I hate my teeth, thinking of getting the braces but a bit scared too 😐

  19. I am absolutely going to save this post. My daughter’s crowded mouth situation is making it very clear that we will be needing braces for her! Thanks for the tips!

  20. These are great tips! I remember how pinfold it was to have gotten mine on years ago. I will have to save this for whenever my kids need braces.

  21. I never had to deal with braces as a child. However, one of my kids might need them. Nice informative post!

  22. Aaah what an informative post! I would never think to do any of this! Thank you!

  23. I wish I had these tips when I had braces year years years ago.. 🙂 Great blog.

  24. Such great tips! Both our girls will be getting braces (grr!) so this will totally come in handy in a few years…

  25. I had braces twice: once in junior high school and then in college. The first time I heard I was getting braces, I sat in the chair crying because I thought I was going to look like a freak. I really hated my braces.

  26. I love my waterpik so much even after braces! Best investment ever!

  27. I miss out on braces when I was kid and now regret it a bit. A beautiful smile is more important than you first think.

  28. I guess I’m one of those few who never experience this kind of ‘right of passage’. Smile is a great asset.

  29. Thanks for sharing such informative tips regarding braces. It would be very helpful for those who have to wear braces.

  30. This is very helpful. My niece is getting her braces this month and she’s been anxious on how it will go. Thank you for sharing these tips. I just shared it with her as as well. Will keep in mind to have her eat first and well before the appointment.

  31. My younger sister is having braves. in the beginning, it was too difficult for her to manage daily routine with the braces. But later she got habituated with that. She should have read this article before getting braces. Anyways thanks for this. I’ll share this with her..x

  32. Awesome!!!

    Thanks for sharing the great tips. I really love this post.

  33. Great Post!!
    Thanks for sharing such an informative post here with us.

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