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Hearing aids are becoming much more common. Millions of people have some level of hearing loss. Whether it is caused by age, noise-induced, or an illness a hearing aid can give you a whole new lease of life. 

But hearing aids are an investment and need to be looked after in order to keep them functioning well for as long as possible. 

Follow these tips on how to look after your own hearing aid.

Read the instructions 

When you’re working with your audiologist to find the right hearing aid, you’ll probably be getting a lot of information all at once. It can be easy to forget key pieces of information. It will also have basic troubleshooting for hearing aid malfunctions and other issues you might encounter. 

So when you get your hearing aid. Read through the instructions carefully and make sure that you keep them in a safe place to refer to them later. 

Store them safely

At the end of the day, don’t just take out your hearing aids and throw them in a draw or leave them on a counter. They can easily be damaged or pick up bits of debris. Instead, invest in a specialist storage box. Not only do they have a soft, safe surface for your hearing aids, but certain ones also have a feature that removes moisture from inside the box, and your hearing aids when you put them in there. 

Don’t get them wet

Most hearing aids made today are splash-proof and sweat-proof but not completely waterproof. If you drop your hearing aid in water, or it gets very wet, you should take it back to the audiologist, even if it seems to be working well. 

Charge the battery as instructed

The battery in a hearing is usually the part that you will experience issues with. The battery needs to be charged as advised by your audiologist with the correct charger. 

Keep them clean

Over time, dirt, debris, and earwax can build up in your hearing aid. This can affect the quality of sound. If you find that you’re turning your hearing aid up more and more, but that your overall hearing loss hasn’t worsened, then it could be a build-up. Clean your hearing aids regularly with a specialist cleaner and cloth. 

Visit the audiologist regularly 

The best thing you can do to keep your hearing aid in good condition is to have it looked at by your audiologist regularly. They can perform preventative maintenance, change your battery, and even make some repairs. 

As hearing specialists, they also have great relationships with the major hearing aid manufacturers. This means that they have access to parts repair specialists as well as being able to get good pricing too. 


Today’s hearing aids are of fantastic quality and are very robust, but you do need to look after them in order to keep them working. Follow these tips and visit your audiologist regularly and you should be enjoying great hearing for years to come. 

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