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healthy breakfastBreakfasts have been one of the biggest struggles in my house. My kids and I are already grouchy when we wake up. Putting an argument about food into the mix is not exactly the best way to start the day. If my kids had their way (and let’s be honest, a lot of days they do), they would have Eggos, Pop Tarts and Cereal (my husband calls them sugar smacks) for breakfast every morning. I feel sorry for their teachers when the inevitable sugar crash occurs.

I’ve managed to find a few healthy (or healthier) options when it comes to breakfast options for my kids. And these are options that they actually don’t argue with me about.


  1. Healthy Muffins

    Thanks to blogs like Ambitious Kitchen, Good Housekeeping, Mels Kitchen Cafe and Running With Spoons, I’ve found some healthy and delicious muffin options that I can make ahead. Talk about a quick and easy breakfast!
  2. Cream of Wheat

    Cream of Wheat is one of those breakfasts that reminds me of weekends spent with my Granny. Cream of Wheat can actually be a really healthy breakfast option as long as you don’t go overkill with the butter and sugar. Go for healthier sweeteners like fruit and honey. 
  3. Eggs

    I get a little bit of a fight out of my son if I try to serve eggs too often for breakfast. But it is a healthy option that my kids will most mornings grit their teeth while they eat and tell me they want something different tomorrow. 
  4. Oatmeal

    Oatmeal, on the other hand, my son would happily eat every day. And that is perfectly ok with me. It’s a whole lot better than sugary cereals! 

Let me hear from you all! What are some healthy breakfast options that your kids love?

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  2. If you are diet conscious and you are trying to lose weight. The first and the last thing is that eat a balanced breakfast. Because breakfast is very essential for normal health. And if we are eating a balanced breakfast then we will lose weight

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