Christmas time is the season of giving. Everyone loves to receive gifts, and we also love giving it, too! Because of our love for gifts, we often splurge and choose the best (or most expensive) gift that our budget allows us. However, for a money-savvy individual, this might not be the best choice!

But how can you ensure your gifts bring a smile on your loved ones’ faces? Easy! Add effort into your mix!

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As an alternative to expensive and store-bought gifts, why not go for DIY ones? These are a lot cheaper and can surely make your recipients smile. Plus, DIY gifts aren’t only for Christmas, so you can give them out during any special occasion!

So here are a few DIY budget-friendly gift ideas for your next gift giving.

  1. Bead jewelry 

Giving jewelry as gifts can be quite expensive, especially if it has gemstones. And if you’re planning to give it to your group of friends, you might end up with nothing in your wallet anymore!

Instead, you can create and give bead jewelry. These are way cuter, colorful, and fun! And if you aren’t a fan of colorful jewelry, you can still go for a monochromatic style. A bead shop usually has a wide variety of beads to choose from, be it colors, shapes, or sizes!

  1. De-stressing packages

Let’s face it, stress has been a part of our daily lives, whether we’re studying, working, or a stay-at-home parent. This is why it’s important that we have our de-stressing kits ready anytime!

Fill your de-stressing gift packages with things that can soothe the recipient’s mind. Here are some items you can put in your care package.

  • Stressball with their favorite character
  • Essential oils that can reduce stress such as lavender and ylang-ylang
  • Their favorite snacks
  • Encouragement notes
  1. Ice cream sundae kits

They say ice cream always helps you get through tough times. And what’s a better way to eat ice cream than a sundae?

This is where you can show your creativity in making a sundae. You don’t essentially have to put ice cream in your kit, just the sundae essentials such as a scoop, waffle cones, and toppings. Plus, you can make them yourself, such as brownies and chocolate chip cookies!

  1. Coffee cozy

It sucks when you get burned because of your hot cup of coffee. So, why not make a coffee cozy for your next gift?

You can use various materials for your coffee cozy such as fabric and cardboard. You can also go crazy with the design and can even create matching ones for your group of friends!

  1. Magnet boards

If you’re aiming for a gift that they’ll easily see everyday, then magnet boards are your perfect choice! These boards can be displayed anywhere inside the house, from the fridge to the walls to even their workstation!

Magnet boards are a fun way to show your creativity. You can personalize each board for each recipient to add that personal touch, making them feel that you really care for them. Anything really goes with a magnet board, especially if it screams their entire personality!

Giving gifts is a way to show you love and care for your loved ones, but it shouldn’t break your bank! It feels nice to receive something from their wishlist, but a gift you made will definitely make it more special. After all, gifts aren’t about the price, but it’s the thought that counts!

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