Easy Winter Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

We love our kids, but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy to entertain. When we’re all stuck inside together during the cold winter months, it can feel like an uphill battle to keep kids active and happy. Crafts are one way to win that battle, entertaining us parents and our kids alike. Keep reading to learn about some easy winter crafts that your kids will love.

Winter Rocks

Many people enjoy including natural elements in their crafts. In the winter, though, it’s hard to find natural elements other than sticks and rocks. Luckily, you can use those rocks for a fun painting craft.

Choose smooth rocks, if possible, since they’re easier to paint. Bring them inside, wash them and dry them so that any leftover dirt doesn’t affect the paint. Once your rocks are dry, you can paint them with whatever winter symbols you want. Some people paint a background and a symbol in the middle, such as a snowflake or a pair of mittens. Others paint the entire rock to turn it into a penguin or snowman. Your only limit in this craft is your imagination!

Custom Candles

If you want a craft that creates something useful, you can make custom candles with your kids. Buy light-colored pillar candles that come without a container. Let your child draw whatever seasonal picture they want on white tissue paper. Markers and dark colors will look better.

Once they finish drawing their picture, cut it out of the tissue paper and place it on the side of the candle. Cut out a piece of wax paper the same size or slightly bigger and cover the tissue paper with the wax paper. Then, blow on the covered picture with a hair dryer for several minutes until the drawing transfers from the paper to the candle. Finally, unwrap the wax paper to double-check that the drawing has transferred properly.

Homemade Snow Globes

Homemade snow globes won’t just entertain your kids while they make them; they can provide entertainment afterward as well. They also make great gifts and party favors, so if you’re looking for birthday party craft ideas or easy favors for a holiday party, these will work.

Pick out a glass jar in any size you want. Fill it with cut-up tissue paper squares, glitter and any other fun elements you want, such as color-changing powder or miniature pine cones. Pour in some water proportional to the size of the jar and then shake it up. Everything will swirl around beautifully.

Your kids will love these easy winter crafts on chilly days when they can’t entertain themselves outside. Some of these crafts, such as the candles and snow globes, even make great gifts for winter birthdays, which is a good way to teach children about giving in the new year.

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