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Flavorful Meals Your Whole Family Will Love

If you and your family are sick of bland, boring meals then you have come to the right place! Below you’ll find some of the most flavourful dishes that your whole family is bound to love. Read on to find out what they are. 

Chicken Jalfrezi

One of the most flavorful meals that the whole family is sure to love is chicken jalfrezi. This is a medium spicy Indian curry that’s very easy to make from scratch in only about 30 minutes. The main spices used in this chicken jalfrezi recipe include turmeric, garlic, garam masala, paprika, cumin, and bay leaves. When combined with the tomato paste, onions, and peppers they produce a wonderfully rich, tangy, and almost creamy flavor that compliments the chicken perfectly. 

For those looking for a flavourful meal with less heat, then reducing the amount of garam masala can work well. Just add it to taste as you are cooking. For best results serve with white long-grain basmati rice and crispy poppadoms. You can even add some Indian chutney such as Chili Garlic Chutney, or Brinjal (aubergine) for some added flavor.

Saag Tofu

Another Indian-inspired dish here, and it couldn’t be easier to make and it tastes divine. Saag is the Indian term for Spinach and it’s often paired with Paneer, a type of cheese. However, I’ve found that it also works really well with tofu, and as there is the cream of coconut in the recipe it does take the calorie count down a bit too. 

Probably the most crucial step in making this dish is to fry off all the spices including turmeric, garam masala, garlic, green bird’s eye chilies, fresh ginger grated, and coriander (cilantro) powder before you begin. Remember that green bird’s eye chills are very hot so only add on or even half if you don’t want too much spice, although they really are vital to the taste. Then it’s time to add some vegetable stock, from a cube found, and once you have done that you can start adding the spinach, and using a mix of frozen and fresh works really well here to get that bright green color. After the spinach has wilted you can add the cream of coconut and then use a hand mixer to combine it into a thick sauce texture. Be careful here as the mixture will be hot and you don’t want it to splash you! Then add the tofu either cooked or raw and serve with naan bread and pilau rice. 

Meatballs with Chilli Ragu  

Last of all we are heading to Italy for our meal inspiration. A ragu packed with spices and chill is not only easy to make but will liven up your meatballs and pasta no end. The secret here is to use real chilies, as well as to add a pinch or two of smoked paprika to your regular ragu sauce to give it that extra kick. It really is as easy as that. 

You can make your own meatballs, but to save time you can buy ready-made meatballs, or use vegan ones for vegetarians, and vegans. Serve over your choice of past, and season well with salt, pepper, and parmesan for another great flavor hit. 

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