5 Outdoor Summer Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and get active while making the most of the beautiful weather. You can do so many things as an entire family to get some exercise and keep everyone entertained in the process. Here are five outdoor summer activities the whole family will enjoy.

Bike Rides

The first summer activity the whole family will love is bike rides. This activity is an excellent source of exercise that every member of the family will enjoy. So get everyone’s bikes ready, pick a path or trail you love, and go for a ride. Make sure to bring bottles of water to stay hydrated and helmets to keep you safe. The kids will love racing their bikes down a beautiful trail in the summertime.


Hiking is the next outdoor activity your whole family will enjoy in the summer. A good hike gets everyone up and out of the house and allows you to enjoy the stunning summer scenery of a mountain trail. There are countless hiking trails to choose from for your next excursion. If you have little ones, you may want to choose a less challenging path to ensure that they can easily navigate the terrain. Pack some water bottles, snacks, and sunscreen to protect yourself from that bright summer sun.


Another summer activity to get your family outdoors this summer is camping. Kids love a good camping trip. There are so many fun things to do while camping. For example, you can go fishing, swimming, hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. Then, you can finish the day off by roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Camping allows you to spend quality time as a family while you enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors. Make sure to pack all the camping essentials for your trip.


Swimming is also a great outdoor activity for your family to enjoy together this summer. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, you can enjoy this activity every day, all day long. But even if you don’t own a pool, there are so many other ways to enjoy some water. The kids will love a sprinkler or slip-n-slide, and you can even make water balloons and play a game together. Of course, make sure to use plenty of sunscreen and follow proper safety precautions while swimming.


The final activity on this list that your family will love doing outdoors in the summertime is picnics. A beautiful sunny summer day is a prime time for a lovely afternoon picnic. So get your cooler ready with drinks and foods that your family enjoys, and grab a couple of blankets or chairs. You can go to a local park for your picnic or even have it right in your backyard. You might also want to bring some bug spray to keep those pesky insects away from you and your delicious food.

Now that you have some fun outdoor summer activities the whole family will love, you can enjoy every moment of your summer vacation together. So get out there and have some fun with your family this summer!

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