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Deep Water Diving Enthusiast? You’ll Love It in the Maldives!

deep water diving enthusiast
deep water diving enthusiast

Deepwater diving is such a thrilling experience. Whether you’re diving at the edge of a reef or a vertical wall, there’s always excitement and a curiosity of what you will come across. And if you also love to travel, you have to go to check out these Maldives packages if you’re interested in some of the best deed diving sites on the planet. With crystal clear, warm waters packed with all kinds of marine life, it’s a diver’s and a photographer’s dream.

The Maldives

It’s a great place to dive as it is a nation of over a thousand islands. All of these islands are grouped into 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean and fewer than 300 of the islands are inhabited. With the Indian Monsoon Current bringing plenty of nutrients into this warm, tropical water, marine life in the Maldives islands is teeming. Once inside atoll lagoons, rock pinnacles, stretching upwards from the depths, peek at the land. And the channels house swim-throughs, caverns, and overhangs that are encrusted in sponges, invertebrates and other sea life. But some of the most diverse and interesting sea life can be found near the cleaning stations. Rays, whale sharks, wrasse and turtles are not uncommon sightings.

When to Go

Because the Maldives has a tropical climate where the temperature doesn’t go below 75 degrees Fahrenheit/24 degrees Celsius, diving is good here all year long. The monsoon tends to peak June through August with the warmest water temperatures occurring between March and July. From December to March the current flows from east to west, which brings lots of sharks to the east, large numbers of mantas on the west and excellent visibility along with the eastern atolls. Between June and November, the sea isn’t quite as calm as the current flows from west to east through the channels. Visibility on the western side is greatly improved, the surface swells and there are plenty of cloudy days.

Where to Dive

Addu Atoll is the southernmost atoll. It offers a unique experience with its endemic wildlife, stunning visibility, and weaker currents. It’s great for less advanced divers. Dhaalu Atoll has wide channels, which are great for beginners and caves for advanced divers. Exciting drop-offs, Mobula rays, moray eels, and anemone corals are just some of what you can see here. The North Malé Atoll has some of the best coral reefs in the country. With sunken shipwrecks, hawksbill turtles, hammerhead sharks, barracuda and more, North Malé won’t disappoint. Laamu Atoll has exquisite visibility due to its lack of channels. There are small submerged islands here as well as coral bommies, whip rays, and grouper. There are plenty of other atolls to explore, so consider your diving level and what you want to see when choosing your dive sites.

The Maldives has a lot to offer tourists, whether it is on land or in the water. But if you’re looking for some world-class diving, Maldives needs to be on your list. There is such an abundance of wildlife and beautiful coastline that it’s hard not to want to get up and go right now.


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