Decluttering 101: Guide to Cleaning Out Your Child’s Room

Decluttering 101: Guide to Cleaning Out Your Child’s Room

Children usually have a lot of belongings between all the toys, clothing, picture books, and more! When they’re young, the clutter can build up quickly as friends and relatives buy them gifts. Kids don’t usually think to sort through their belongings independently—some even struggle to part with their things. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide to cleaning out your child’s room so that you can keep it looking tidy.

Talk With Your Child

Before entering their room and picking things up, you should have an age-appropriate conversation with your little one. Tell them you’ve got to clean their room; if they’re old enough, you can do it together.

Explain to your child that cleaning their room is important because it keeps the area sanitary and will help them feel better in the space. Too much clutter can increase feelings of stress, and your room should always be a place of solitude.

Begin Organizing Items

To make things easier, begin organizing items according to type. So place dirty clothes in the hamper, toys in one area, and clean clothing in another. But you don’t want to put things away yet. Once you’ve created piles for everything, begin sorting through and decide what to trash, donate, and sellthen decide what to keep.

Make sure you keep anything your child uses regularly or has a sentimental attachment to. For example, they may have a blanket that a grandparent made, and although your little one doesn’t use it, it’s important. On the other hand, you may come across old toys your child no longer uses; donate or sell these items so that someone else can enjoy them.

Grab Cleaning Supplies

Now that you’ve put everything away or in a donation bin, it’s time to vacuum or mop the floor. You should also strip the sheets on the bed so that you can wash them along with any dirty clothes you picked up. Also, dust surfaces and shelves to keep them looking great.

You should fold clean clothes and place them in the dresser or hang them on hangers in the closet. And if you come across items that don’t belong in your little one’s room, like cups or throw pillows, collect them and put them away.

Create a Checklist

The final tip for tidying up your child’s room is to create a future cleaning plan. If your child is elementary age, create a checklist so that they can try doing this independently next time. Organize the list according to tasks they should do:

  • Daily: make their bed and put clothes away
  • Weekly: dust off surfaces and keep the floor clean for vacuuming
  • Monthly/Quarterly: sort through old toys, clothing, and books

Keep in mind that these are suggestions for when you should do things. Some parents may want their child to donate items once a month, specifically if their child regularly receives new toys. On the other hand, if new toys and books are an occasional gift, this may be a quarterly task. What’s most important is your kid keeps their bedroom looking great.

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