People tend to be happier when they like their smile. Then they can confidently smile whenever the mood strikes them and know that they look great. One common problem people have with their teeth is crooked teeth, although some people like to have a more original looking smile. There are a few different ways to fix these teeth and get a beautiful smile.

Visible or Invisible Braces

People typically get some type of braces to fix their crooked teeth, especially if they have a lot of crooked teeth or the teeth are very crooked. A Cosmetic Dentist can discuss all the options with you to determine whether braces are necessary or other alternatives are available. Even within the category of braces, there are a number of alternatives. People can get traditional metal braces with brackets made of ceramic, clear plastic, or metal. Other options include lingual braces that are connected to the backs of the teeth to make them invisible from the front or clear plastic aligners. Which of these options will work best for any particular individual is at least partially determined by the extent of the misalignment of the teeth. In some cases, only traditional metal braces can get the job done.

Surgery to Straighten the Teeth

People sometimes have surgery to change the position of the bones and gums underneath the teeth or correct the positioning of the jaw. Sometimes this may be all that is necessary, while in other cases, the surgery may just shorten the length of time that a person has to wear braces. Surgery is most often used as an alternative when people have a large overbite or underbite or have a jaw that’s very misaligned. This is usually only a minor surgery requiring just a local anesthetic depending on the extent of the problem. However, if there is a major problem with jaw alignment, the surgery may be more involved and require the placement of metal screws and plates. This type of surgery requires a hospital setting and a much longer recovery time of up to six weeks or so.

Porcelain Veneers

If you have one or more teeth that are just slightly crooked, you may be able to get away with a much simpler fix that requires just a few visits with a cosmetic dentist. Porcelain veneers are applied to the front of your teeth and can give the appearance of straighter teeth when the initial problem is minor. You can get one or all of your teeth treated, but once you have veneers applied, you’ll need to keep the veneers or get crowns, as the application process involves shaving off a small portion of the original tooth. Choose a dentist with plenty of experience, and make sure that you like the final effects achieved with other patients when checking out before and after pictures. You can get an idea of the final effect with temporary veneers before making a final decision.

As you can see, you have options when it comes to fixing crooked teeth and getting the smile of your dreams. Speak with your dentist to see which alternatives will give the best results given the condition of your teeth and your budget. These teeth straightening alternatives are not all covered by dental insurance, so be prepared to spend a significant amount of money out of pocket since these are mainly cosmetic treatments.

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  1. That’s cool that you could get braces that nobody could see. I feel like my teeth are a bit crooked, but I don’t want to have to deal with having metal braces as an adult. I should consider getting invisible braces though since I feel like that would look less strange.

  2. Lovely post!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this post. Invisible braces are really very helpful to straighten teeth without metal showing.

  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Most of the people have doubt regarding invisalign and braces, but your thoughts will give everyone a clear idea about aligners. Thank you once again.

  4. I’m very worried about my teeth because their natural color is off white and I’m always tempted to try every whitening product that pops up on the market, but I know I need to get them professionally done if I want to see a real, long-lasting change without damaging them.

  5. Everyone wants to have natural white & bright teeth with a confident smile. You have shared a great post regarding teeth whitening.hanks for sharing huge information to whiten teeth naturally. Teeth discoloration can be caused by a lot of factors, like consuming too much dark-colored food, tooth caries, dead dental pulp, etc. DIY whitening may work for discolored teeth caused by pigment deposit, but for other cases, it is better to seek for professional dental treatment.

  6. My favorite part is where you mentioned that people tend to be happier if they like what their smiles look like. I noticed that my husband’s self-esteem dropped when he lost his front teeth after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Now that he’s all healed, maybe I can accompany him to an expert in cosmetic dentistry and see what we can do to fix his smile.

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