Some illnesses you might think only affect a certain generation, but this isn’t true. Problems can crop up whenever they see fit. Take back aches, for instance, this can be caused by any number of things, not just getting old. Take a look below for some other common ailments you might be faced with over time. 

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This is something that can take you down for a few days. Nobody knows how bad headaches can get unless they have actually been through it. They can vary in severity from person to person as well. If you are experiencing regular headaches then it may be worth taking a trip to the doctors so they can rule out anything more serious. If regular pain relief isn’t working then they may be able to give you something else for the pain. 

Joint Pain

Joint pain is something that you may associate with older people, however, you would be wrong to assume this. It can get you at any age and doesn’t pick or choose. It can affect you if you move too much or don’t move enough. Sometimes getting out of bed can be painful, if this is the case then there are a few remedies you could try. You could apply heat to the affected area to try and loosen it up a bit. If normal pain remedies don’t work then you could take a trip to a chiropractor who will be able to work on the affected areas with you. 

Coughs & Colds 

Another common problem that can affect you both in summer and winter is coughs and colds. Everybody will get this at some point throughout the year, occasionally more than once if you are lucky. They can make you feel rather poorly and leave you struggling to breathe through your nose at times. Since 2020 it has been tricky to spot the difference between the common cold and Covid-19, it is simply due to the similarity in symptoms. If you are worried about Covid-19 then you can take a lateral flow test which will give you the outcome. Common colds can be gotten rid of faster through lots of rest and drinking plenty of water. If you are struggling with a blocked nose then you could also try some vapor rub. 


If you find yourself experiencing sickness along with diarrhea then you may have a 24-hour tummy bug, this is known as the norovirus. Norovirus is more likely to strike in winter and goes around people like wildfire. It goes around quicker with big groups of people such as care homes and schools. If you work in either of these environments then you should wash your hands thoroughly to avoid spreading the virus. There is nothing you can really do for a stomach bug except rest up and drink plenty of water. 


Finally, asthma is something that can develop at any age. It can also go away and come back years later. If you are diagnosed with asthma then it is really important to listen to what your doctor or nurse tells you. Take your inhalers whenever you need to and avoid allergens if that is something that sets it off. Summer can be particularly hard if you are asthmatic, as hayfever is a big trigger. 

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