Bookworm’s Guide: Practical Ways To Get Rid of Old Books

Even bookworms have a few old books that they no longer want. Leaving these texts on the shelf wastes space you could use for stories you want to read. Get rid of these unwanted books by organizing a sale, donating them, or upcycling them. Read on for more information on these practical ways to get rid of old books.

Organize a Book Sale

Many of us have a garage sale to part with old belongings we no longer want. So why not get creative and have a book sale? You can host this out of your home like a garage sale but dedicate it to old books.

To simplify things, organize your books according to genre and age group. If you have kids, they may also have books they can part with. Designate one area for adult fantasy, one for children’s novels, one for picture books, and so forth. Additionally, separate hardcover books from paperbacks and price everything accordingly. Remember that you’re selling used books, so don’t price them as if they’re new, even if they’re in excellent condition.

Donate to Charity

Helping a good cause is a heartwarming experience, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of selling old books. Instead, box up everything you plan to give away and contact the appropriate charity. One great tip for donating unwanted books is to evaluate them for signs of damage. If the book is so worn that you wouldn’t gift it to a friend or sell it, don’t donate it.

Bonus Donation Tips

Need help determining where to donate your books? Aside from local charities, some great places include the following:

  • Senior living homes
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Reading provides us with a mental escape, and people in all these places will love the books you have to give.

Upcycle Your Books

Some books receive so much love that they fall apart at the seams, and others—like encyclopedias—have outdated information. Rather than toss either into the trash, upcycle the material. Creative websites like Pinterest have amazing ideas you can use to repurpose your old books.

For instance, some people use an X-Acto knife to carve a design into the pages of a book. You could also tear out all the paper and use it for paper-mâché. With this practical way to get rid of old books, you give the item a new life and help make our earth greener.

Bonus Upcycling Tip

If you have old picture books, tear out the pages and frame them or mount them onto colored paper. You can use this as decoration in your child’s bedroom or playroom. The only thing limiting how you repurpose your old books is your imagination. Get crafty and have fun!

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