Best Low-Impact Exercises to Burn Fat

When you’re working out to lose weight, it’s tempting to go for the hardest workouts that look like they’ll help you lose weight fast. This can be a very unwise choice, especially if you’re new to working out or just getting back into it. Many workouts can have a bad impact on your joints. They’re even worse if you have experienced prior joint injuries. To get you started in the safest way possible, we offer this list of the best low-impact exercises to burn fat.

Rowing at the Gym

Using a machine at the gym to do rows is a great exercise that can not only help you burn fat, but also strengthen your body—all while being low-impact. One of the great things about rowing is that it’s non-weight-bearing. It consists of sitting on the rower with a bend in your knees while your feet sit strapped into the platform. Holding the handlebar with your upper body bent a bit forward and your arms straight, push through your heel. You’ll then pull the handlebar back toward you, keeping your back straight. You can burn 260 to 310 calories in 30 minutes based on your size.

Cardio Kickboxing

This is a great low-impact workout that’s also very fun. Many low-impact exercises work through keeping one foot on the ground and taking the stress and pressure off your joints. Cardio kickboxing embraces this principal. What’s also helpful is that you don’t need a bag to hit. This kickboxing is performed in completely in the air, which lessens the impact. It’s important to remember to go easy on yourself when performing kicks and landings. You don’t want to put any unnecessary force on your knees and ankles.


This is one of the best low-impact exercises to burn fat, as hardly any stress is put on your joints with swimming. When you swim, the buoyancy of the water supports your weight, ultimately reducing any stress on your body. However, swimming still takes a lot of energy, incorporating cardio, strength, flexibility. Reducing impact is a huge part of reducing injuries during a workout, so if you’re looking for a workout with little risk of injury, then swimming is for you.


TRX is a workout created by someone who had to be one of the fittest people in existence—a Navy Seal. The TRX workout utilizes straps, which gives you a cardio workout based on gravity and your body weight. The straps are designed to be used for support, which provides adjustability depending on your fitness level. It’s important to do the proper research on this workout before you get started to ensure you know how to do the technique correctly.


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