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hilton garden inn charlotte

Finding a nice and affordable Downtown Charlotte hotel can be a challenge. We lucked out with the Hilton Garden Inn at Downtown Charlotte. This hotel had everything we needed. Location, amenities and a comfortable place to sleep. 

After a busy day of traveling, band competition and a hot day at Carowinds we decided we didn’t want to make the 4 hour drive back home. We thought it would be a lot more fun to check out downtown Charlotte and stay in a nice hotel. We used our usual apps to find a hotel with good ratings, a good price and the right location and found Hilton Garden Inns. 

Check in was a breeze and we opted to pay the fee for valet parking. We got to our room which had 2 comfy queen bed, a gorgeous bathroom and a view of downtown Charlotte. 

The only downside was that the pool wasn’t open yet. But the Omni Hotel a block down had their rooftop pool open to the public so I decided to walk the kids down there. They deserved a good swim after a scorching day at Carowinds. 

When we got back from swimming we all got cleaned up and ready for dinner. There were TONS of restaurants to choose from all within a short walk. The Epicenter is right down the road with a movie theater, bowling, shops and restaurants. We ended up stopping along the way to grab a bite to eat at the Carolina Ale House. The food was delicious and the service was great. 

That was about all of the fun we could handle for one day. So we decided to go back and crash at the hotel room. 

The next morning we woke up and checked out the scooters that were laying around. The kids had fun riding the scooters around the sidewalks outside the hotel. That’s about as far as I would let them go since they go a little faster than I am comfortable with. Not to mention I don’t think kids are supposed to drive electric scooters around downtown Charlotte. 

After we had breakfast, we decided it was time to call it a day and make the drive home. If we ever visit Charlotte again we will definitely stay at the Hilton Garden Inn again. It was a beautiful hotel and a very comfortable stay. The area was great and the staff was super friendly. 

17 thoughts on “Best Downtown Charlotte Hotel – Hilton Garden Inn”

  1. Lovely hotel! I choose to stay at the Hilton every time there is one available and central to the destination I am traveling to. I am a Hilton Honors member and soon I’ll be reaching gold, and I can’t wait!

  2. It looks like the beds are comfy and the pool area is pretty nice! What was their bath/shower situation? I usually like finding hotels with nice big tubs.

  3. When traveling a comfortable room is the need. It feels really nice to read that this is also one of the hotels with comfy bed and one where travelers can recollect their energy!

  4. tianasweb – Freetown – Opinionated, passionate and everything in between. I believe in the power of my thoughts, but more so in the tool of my hand, to write out these thoughts. In this space, I write out what it is, not what it should be

    The place looks so clean and warm and inviting. I am glad there are tons of resturants around to choose from as I tend to me picky when it comes to food. Also glad the staff are nice and warm.

  5. The Travel Bunny – Wonderland – I am a person of many interests, as I am quite the curious cat about.. well, everything. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, writing, drawing, painting, modelling clay and polymer clay… unless I’m binge-watching something. I love travelling and meeting new people, but I also like being on my own every now and then. If it’s somewhere in the middle of nature, even better. If it’s with my ass on the sand, next to the sea, it’s the best. I think that at the sea, even on your own, with nobody else in sight, one can never feel lonely. You can also find me on Couchsurfing, if you want to meet up or in case you’re looking for some travel tips or a place to stay in Bucharest.

    Wonderful stay, I believe. I do find it weird to have 2 queen beds in a twin room, I’m used to regular beds (I travel through Europe)

  6. Polly – Philippines – Polly Amora is the señorita behind GoldenIslandSenorita.Net and the general manager of a privately-owned company in Manila, Philippines. She is a lifelong learner who is very outgoing, speaks four languages, is loud and outspoken, and loves to have adventures in the mountains, on the beach, and in the city. You can throw her anywhere, and she'll handle it like a pro. Ice cream and beer are two of her weaknesses.

    I’m kind of picky when it comes to choosing hotels specially whenever I travel abroad. And Hilton Garden Inn looks like something that I would like to stay at. The interior looks spacious and futuristic. I like it!
    Polly recently posted…The Ultimate Travel Guide to Oslob, Cebu

  7. Evan Petzer – South Africa – Hi, my name is Evan. I'm a Modern-Day Digital Nomad, Blogger, YouTuber, and Full-Time Online Entrepreneur.

    Just leave me at the pool with a cocktail and I’ll be happy. Looks really modern and classy.

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