half ass marathon

half ass marathon

Ahhh!!! The half marathon is now less than a week away!! I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. Holy crap! I have the half marathon this weekend and then I turn 35 next weekend! What a crazy time of year!

So you may be wondering about the title I chose for this post. Yesterday after our morning workout my husband and I were talking about the upcoming half marathon. Just general chit chat talking about when he needed to be there with the kids to see me cross the finish line. Those sorts of things. This is my 2nd half marathon I’ve run in. So it’s not quite as exciting as the first time, but I’m still getting butterflies thinking about crossing the finish line at Neyland Stadium. As my husband and I were talking about this he joked that this is my 2nd time half assing the marathon.

Now before you get all mad at him it was just a joke. He is constantly singing my praises and my ability to do this. Every weekend when I add another mile to my long training runs he brags to his family about how far I’ve run. So this is definitely something he doesn’t take lightly and neither do I. But with that said I thought his comment was freaking hilarious. So funny that I decided my hash tag for the week on any posts having to do with the half marathon is going to be #halfassedmarathon.

Do I have any plans to run a full marathon? Not this year. The time it takes to train for a half marathon is insane. So I know that I don’t have the time this year to devote to training for a full marathon. And I’m sure not going to do a marathon with the hills of Tennessee!! But I would love to plan for running a full marathon next year. Preferably somewhere FLAT!! So this will require a bit more planning as we’ll have to leave the state and plan to stay somewhere at least overnight.

So here’s my question to you all. What would be a great marathon for me to run in? This is going to be my only full marathon so I want it to be an epic one!

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  1. Come to LA next year to run the marathon! It’s about a year away so you have PLENTY of time to train!

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