Activities To Boost Your Child’s Development This Winter

Activities To Boost Your Child’s Development This Winter

The world is a fun and novel place for young children. They spend most of their early years exploring the sights, tastes, sounds, and sensations of their environment. However, this growth quickly stagnates without new places to investigate. Avoid a developmental plateau during the colder months of the year with outdoor adventures. Check out these activities to boost your child’s development this winter.

Make Snowballs

No matter how old your baby or toddler is, the outdoors will always surprise them with new sounds, sights, and smells. Of course, you must be more careful about what they put in their mouths when they’re outside, but fresh snow is typically harmless enough for them to taste and touch. Encourage them to run around in the snow, and show them how to make a snowball. This simple activity requires fine motor skills in the fingers and hands to rotate and shape a solid ball. Teach them by example, and guide their hands if need be. If your child is tall and strong enough, build a snowperson together, and give them creative freedom to decorate the final form.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

With or without snow on the ground, a scavenger hunt is a fun way to engage your child’s developing mind. Place a few familiar household items around your home’s exterior. Bring your kids outside and tell them what objects to look for. If they’re having trouble, show them a picture or describe the item again. During this activity, they’ll use their whole bodies to move through bushes, lift leaves, and walk around. If you want to make a larger trip out of it, you can load the kids in the car and conduct your scavenger hunt at the local park or nature preserve.

Go on a Walk

If you have a habit of taking your children out in a stroller during the warmer months, be especially sure to do this during the winter. Walking outdoors is an excellent opportunity to expose your children to new sounds, people, and places. If your child is verbal, converse with them about the details of the things they see. Ask them to use their own words to describe a building or animal in view. You can spend invigorating time outside while you tease their brain with new challenges.

Try a few of these activities to boost your child’s development this winter, and watch as they flourish. On each of these outings, remember to pack enough clothing, food, and water. If you do not have proper gear, make sure to pick the right winter clothing for your child before you venture into the cold.

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