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7 Tips for Long Car Trips with Kids


When it comes to long car journeys with kids, keeping them entertained for the duration of your journey can help your trip go a lot more smoothly and easier for everyone.

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So how can you make sure that everyone is happy and healthy, and fully prepared for the journey?

Charge Everything

Make sure all your electronic devices are fully charged and ready for the trip. You never know how long you will need to use them, charging them in your car or spare batteries can be a lifesaver, especially if you are stuck in traffic.


You might not be able to connect to the internet for the whole journey, and if you need to watch specific videos or movies, you need to keep your child happy and calm. Popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime allow you to download when connected to the internet to enjoy your favorite films during your trip without worrying about losing connection. The VidMate app can help you download your child’s favorite videos from apps to enjoy offline to watch even if they can’t connect to the site.

Snack Pack

You have probably seen all the different ways people prepare car snacks for journeys. Some popular methods include using hobby boxes with smaller compartments to fill with different snacks and keep everything without snacks creating a mess or being tossed around the car.

Activity pack

Let your child choose a bag that holds all the things they need to keep them busy during your trip. Guide them to pack suitable car journeys and keep them busy, such as books or activity packs and their favorite small toys.

Frequent breaks

Never forget that children do not have the attention span of adults, and as such, being able to sit still in a car for prolonged periods isn’t something every child can do. When planning your journey, try to include stopovers in places where kids can run and stretch their legs. Look for parks or green spaces on your route and take a small detour to stop and allow them a break from the car every few hours for longer car journeys.

Creature comforts

What does your child need to sleep? Don’t forget to include this in your packing so they have something that they can help to soothe themselves and fall asleep when they are tired.

Choose your journey time carefully.

How long is your trip for, and can you do this overnight in the small hours of the morning? If you have young children who have a regular sleep schedule, then choosing to take some or all of your journey when they are sleeping can not only help you to avoid much of the traffic but also take advantage of them being asleep so you can get a head start and have a lot of the journey finished before they wake up.

Taking a few extra steps before you start your journey to prepare for what your children will need for an easier trip will be better for everyone.


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